Something is Up With the Good Doctor

Title: Something is up with the Good Doctor
Author: JenniferLupin
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Fandom: Star Trek the Original Series
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Category: Slash
Rating: PG
Author Notes: I made up these stardates, so I hope they aren't too
messed up. Also, I made up a planet, so the name might seem a bit
off. Thanks to Sarah and Jessica again for challenging me this and
being the first to read everything I write!

Captain's Personal Log

Stardate 4512.2

***I began to notice a difference in Enterprise's CMO McCoy about two
weeks ago. At first I dismissed the changes in his behavior as a side
effect of exhaustion that we are all feeling now due to two
consecutive postponements of shore leave. However, over the course of
the last few days, I have become convinced that there is something
more going on here. At first, McCoy was simply missing some social
appointments, such as dinner in my quarters or 3D chess games in the
rec room. That didn't worry me too greatly. He has never been a big
fan of 3D chess and a few meals here and there, well, I just didn't
think it was anything to worry about. But then his general attitude
began to change in subtle ways. He seemed even more irritable than
usual and what concerned me even more was that he seemed to become
secretive. While Bones is very private about his past, he has never
been the type of person to avoid conversations about emotion and
their effects on those around him. But he seems to have become...shy,
I suppose is the only word I can think to describe it. And only today
I caught him daydreaming in sickbay while on duty. It is my belief
that the answer to this mystery is not something life threatening.
Whenever there is a medical emergency, he is always alert and in
control of his facilities. This leads me to believe that it may be of
a personal nature. Early on in the situation, I inquired after his
family, but was assured that all was well on that front. But there is
something going on with him. However, in case I am mistaken about
this, I am going to delve deeper into the issue, possibly with the
help of my first officer.***

Captain Kirk clicked off the recorder and leaned back in the chair at
the desk in his quarters. Of all the things to be making a personal
log entry about, Kirk would have never guessed he would be making one
about Bones' psychological situation. McCoy may have strong emotions,
but he had always seemed to be the most stable of the humans on board
and in some ways even more stable than Spock. One of the reasons for
this stability was because McCoy acknowledged his feelings and
synthesized them into his daily life.

"This must be something that's not synthesizing." Kirk muttered to
himself. He stood abruptly and walked to the wall panel that
contained his intership communications center. As he reached towards
it to call Spock, an idea hit him.

Love. McCoy never explained the details behind his failed marriage,
but Kirk knew it had been painful for the doctor. And while the
doctor was something of a flirt, Kirk always suspected that came more
from his Southern upbringing than McCoy's actual interest in starting
a string of romantic entanglements. Could it be that the doctor found
himself drawn to someone on board and didn't know how to deal with
the feelings?

"It could definitely explain the irritability and the secretiveness."
Kirk said, testing how it sounded aloud.

At any rate, it was a theory and one that Kirk was better prepared
for than some alien force taking over the doctor's brain. He smiled
to himself, hoping he was right.

"Kirk to Spock." Spock obviously didn't profess to know much about
human emotions, but he did know a great deal about the doctor and
might be able to offer some insight.

"Spock here, Captain."

"Spock, could you come to my quarters please?" They were off duty at
the moment, so Kirk doubted he was interruping anything imperative.

"Yes, Captain. I'll be right there. Spock out."

Kirk walked back to his desk and slowly lowered himself into the
chair, still pondering his theory. If indeed McCoy was in love, who
could the mystery girl be? Kirk quickly ruled out Nurse Chapel.
Though they spent a great deal of time together, their relationship
was like that of an older brother to his sister. There were a few
other nurses that McCoy worked with, but Kirk knew nothing
significant about them, other than that McCoy was satisfied with
their performances. Hardly commentary one makes about someone they
loved. Still, he couldn't rule them out completely. He clicked a few
buttons on the computer in order to call up their files. As he read
the file for a young woman named Sallie Worhter, his door slid open,
admitting his first officer.

"You wished to speak with me, Captain?" Spock stopped just shy of the
desk, holding himself as ramrod straight as usual.

"Yes, Spock, sit down." Kirk indicated a chair just to his left. "I
wanted to ask you something about Dr. McCoy."

"Dr. McCoy?" Spock asked, sounding puzzled.

"Yes. Have you noticed anything different about the doctor lately?"

Spock frowned slightly, apparently scanning his recent memory. "Well,
Captain, he has missed three scheduled dinner meetings with you and
I. He has also not shown up for two evenings of chess playing in
which you requested our participation. Also, he has called me some
variation of pointy eared Vulcan twenty-three percent more often in
the last week than he has in previous weeks. Other than that, he
appears to be perfectly normal."

Kirk raised an eyebrow. "Is that all, Spock?" he asked, amused.

Spock cocked his head slightly. "Yes, I believe so, Captain, unless
you have specific questions about the doctor's behavior."

Kirk shook his head. "No, my point is that something is going on with
him. Something he doesn't want anyone to find out about. Now,
normally, I would just stay out of it, but it's causing him some kind
of internal pain, so I think we should try and find out his problem,
whether by asking him directly or simply paying closer attention."
Although given Spock's report on McCoy's behavior, it sounded as if
he was paying close even attention already.

"I would not want to violate the doctor's privacy, sir. If he wishes
it to remain private, we should respect that wish." Spock stated

Kirk stood and began to pace behind his desk. "Yes, of course,
normally, I would agree with you, Spock. But the thing is, sometimes
humans need help and don't even realize it. What kind of friends
would we be if we ignored McCoy's pain?" And also, part of Kirk was
already insanely curious, but he didn't tell Spock this.

"We would be friends that respected him, sir." Kirk just glanced at
Spock, trying to decide what to say next. Spock solved this problem
for him.

"You have a theory already, Captain." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, I do." He paused, not wanting to make Spock unnecessarily
uncomfortable by bringing up the topic of deeply personal emotions.

Spock raised an eyebrow of his own, clearly meant to say, Well?

"I think...I wonder if it's possible that McCoy is harboring some
kind emotion that's not being resolved."

"An emotion? What sort of emotion?" Spock sounded suspicious rather
than disgusted, which Kirk took as an encouraging sign.

"Well, to put it plainly, Spock, I think he might be falling for
someone on the ship and hasn't told anyone yet."

"Falling for?" He sounded so alarmed that Kirk nearly started

"Yes, Spock, falling in love with someone. His symptoms match it, at
least they do for McCoy. He never dates that much and so I think his
secretive attitude and irritability might be his way of covering his
feelings. He hasn't completely flipped out, so I don't think there is
anything really wrong with his mind." He paused. "Just with his

Spock sat silently for a moment. Then he shifted so slightly that
anyone who wasn't intimately acquainted with a Vulcan might have
missed it.

"I wouldn't know anything about that." He said softly.

Kirk frowned. "That doesn't matter, Spock. We just have to watch him
for the next few days with this theory in mind and see if we can
gather any more evidence. If you see him avoiding anyone
unnecessarily, note it. Keep watching him for any unusual behavior.
And if he mentions anyone in a strange situation or more often than
usual, note that as well."

"What does that signify?" Now he just sounded baffled.

"Well, Spock, humans do some rather strange things when they are in
love. Even if they don't want anyone to know that they love someone,
that person is so much in their minds that they can't help mentioning
them at times that might seem out of place to someone who doesn't
know they are in love. Also, because they are embarrassed of feelings
that might not be reciprocated, they might avoid the person in

Spock pondered this for a moment. "Fascinating."

Kirk smiled. "Yes, a bit." He sighed. "Anyway, try not to feel
uncomfortable with this, Spock. And don't ask him anything outright
because it might alert him." His smile broadened. "Or at least annoy

Spock stood. "Captain, you know I am not comfortable with invading
anyone's privacy. But if Dr. McCoy acts in any way unusual during our
normal interactions, I will take note of it."

"Thank you, Spock." Kirk began towards the door. "Now come on. The
doctor may not be interested, but I think I owe you a rematch in
three dimensional chess, don't I?"

Spock turned to follow him. "Indeed."


Kirk did not see Bones all that next morning. The ship was currently
orbiting Territa 4, on a fairly sedate resupplying misson for the new
Federation planet, so the doctor's services had not been required
anywhere near the bridge. As far as Kirk knew, Spock had not seen the
doctor either, but he hadn't had the time to ask him, as they had not
been alone yet that morning. Kirk resolved to visit the sickbay the
first chance he got to look in on Bones.

Luckily, a chance arrived shortly after that. The leader of Territa 4
contacted the Enterprise in regards to the supplies they needed,
including a number of medical supplies.

After the message had been terminated, Kirk walked over to Spock's
station and quietly informed him that he would go down to Sickbay and
check how far along Dr. McCoy was in gathering the necessary items.

"I will go with you, Captain." Spock offered.

Kirk shook his head. "Don't worry about it, Spock. I want a chance to
talk to him alone."

Spock merely lifted an eyebrow in answer. Kirk nodded
reassuringly. "Don't worry, Spock. I won't grill him. You need to
learn that sometimes humans just need a push in the right direction."

Spock just looked at him. Kirk imagined that anyone who pushed Spock
would find themselves waking up several moments later with the
aftereffects of a Vulcan neck pinch.

"I'll be right back."

Kirk had barely gotten to the door before Uhura's voice called him
back. "I'm getting another transmission from Territa 4, Captain."

Kirk sighed. "Thank you, Lieutenant, on screen." He stepped down to
his chair and then decided that, even if he was going to miss an
opportunity to talk to Bones, those medical supplies still needed
attention. "Spock, go to Sickbay and check on the supplies. I'll be
down there shortly."

"Yes, sir." The Vulcan walked briskly to the door, leaving Kirk to
deal with the leaders of Territa 4, who apparently had a problem with
some of the water purifying equipment that had been sent down earlier
that morning. Kirk dealt with the problem quickly, promising to send
Scott down as soon as possible to help them install the equipment.

"Sulu, you have the conn. I'll be in Sickbay."

"Aye, sir." And with that, he was on his way.

He directed the lift to the 5th level and waited impatiently as it
transported him there. As he exited the lift, he was surprised to
hear shouting and hurried down the corridor only to find Spock
standing outside of Sickbay with a bemused expression on his face.

"What is it, Spock? What's going on?"

Spock stared at the door for a few moments before answering the
Captain. "It appears that the supplies are not ready."

Kirk glanced at the door and swallowed. "Was that Dr. McCoy I heard

"Yes, sir. I don't know about humans avoiding those they love, but it
seems that Dr. McCoy most assuredly does not want to see me."

"Indeed." Kirk sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Well, Spock, if something
is bothering him, I suppose your...unusual relationship may annoy him
more than normal. Still, that's no reason for him to blow up at you."
He then made a decision.

"Alright, Spock. This has gone far enough. I sent an officer down to
check on a command situation. I can't have my officers yelling at
each other. I'm not sure now what McCoy's problem is, but I am going
to find out, even it does invade his privacy. Come with me."

Spock followed, rather reluctantly, as Kirk entered Sickbay.

Dr. McCoy was sitting behind his desk, staring at his computer
screen, not apparently engaged in any work. His head snapped up when
he heard the door open and he seemed prepared to begin yelling again
until he saw Kirk. He stood quickly and came around the desk.

"Jim!" Surprise was written all over his face.

"Bones." Kirk approached him slowly, carefully thinking over his
words. Finally, after a few tense moments in which McCoy stared not
at him, but at Spock, Kirk spoke up.

"I heard you yelling just now."

McCoy shifted his weight and sighed slightly. "Yes, I'm sorry about
that. It's just..I've been under a lot of strain lately. I'm sorry,
Spock, I shouldn't have yelled."

Spock came forward a step. "It's quite alright, Doctor. As you know,
I am quite incapable of taking offence at emotion outbursts."

This statement seemed to agitate the Doctor further. He threw up his
hands and walked back around his desk to flop into his chair. "Yes! I
know, Spock! No emotions. You needn't remind me."

Kirk's brows furrowed. "Bones, if there is something wrong, tell us.
We can help you," he said gently.

McCoy chuckled, a bitter sounding thing. "Somehow I doubt that very
much, Captain."

Kirk came around the desk and leaned on it. "Not Captain, Bones. This
is Jim. There's something wrong. I know there is. You've been all
over the place lately. True, I can't have my officers yelling at one
another for simple requests, but mostly, I'm worried about you. Tell

McCoy closed his eyes and sighed more deeply. "What do you think is
wrong, Jim? Obviously, you've given this a lot of thought." He
glanced up at Kirk. The Captain held in a gasp. McCoy looked utterly

"I did think something, but now I don't know. I'm not sure."

Spock spoke, causing Kirk to grimace. "The Captain believes you are
in love." It sounded like a challenge.

McCoy glared at him. "What do you know of love, you pointy-eared
Vulcan?" His tone was acidic. Kirk quickly stood.

"Gentlemen," he started, but Spock interrupted him.

"I know nothing of it, Doctor, only what the Captain tells me. He
says you are trying to hide your feelings because they are nuisance
to you."

Kirk spun around. "I didn't say--"

"And that they are! I could do much better without this hanging over
me every minute of the day!" McCoy shouted, standing and coming
around the desk to yell in Spock's face.

Spock didn't step back. "If you would learn to control your emotions,
Doctor, they wouldn't control you and then you would have rest from
feelings so disgusting to you."

Kirk felt completely out of control. He stepped around the desk,
meaning to get in between the two of them. "Spock--Bones--"

"I'm not the one who'd find them disgusting! Do you know what it
feels like to be in love with someone you see every moment of the day
and can't say anything to? Because they would find the idea so
repulsive, it would take my breath away?" McCoy's voice wavered with

Kirk came up to them, trying to insert himself between the two of
them. "Gentlemen!"

"And how do you know that that person would find the idea so
repulsive?" Spock asked, sounding rather calm despite being pressed
up against a very angry doctor.

"Because you would! I know you would!" McCoy stepped back suddenly,
nearly falling against his own desk.

Kirk opened his mouth to take advantage of the momentary silence, but
shut it nearly as quickly. McCoy's last words sunk in violently,
spreading a numb feeling throughout his body. He gaped at the doctor.

McCoy looked like he didn't realize Kirk was even in the room. His
eyes were locked on Spock, who was giving him a similar treatment.

"Perhaps if you had asked me, I could have provided a more accurate
portrayal of the situation." Spock moved closer to McCoy, who was
apparently too stunned to speak.

Kirk suddenly felt very awkward. He left as quickly as possible, not
being minded by the two others in the room. Once outside of Sickbay,
he sagged against the wall, desperately trying to process what had
just happened. He gave it as a bad job and instead collapsed to the
floor, laughing.

Captain's Personal Log

Stardate 4525.6:

***I am happy to report that my CMO is in much better shape. He has
attended every meal I asked him to and even took me on in a game of
3D chess yesterday evening. He still disappears every now and then,
but I have no doubt that he is not sulking. For more information on
exactly what it is he is doing, I am afraid you will have to
investigate his personal logs. It's really none of my business.***