Title: Sorry
Author: Artemis (ArtemisOK @
Series: TOS
Codes: S/Mc & C
Rating: [NC-17]
Parts: 1/1
Summary:  Lt. Chapel interrupts Doctor McCoy’s R&R
Disclaimer: CBS-Paramount owns Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.
Archiving: My Place and The Spock/McCoyote’s Den
Feedback: Will write for feedback
Beta: Thank you to Janet for the beta. All mistakes are my own.
Author's Note: Inspired by a challenge to write an S/Mc beginning with the line "Why did I listen to that man?"




Ensign Galvan didn’t think. He just reached for the sonic spanner as the hatch closed. The hatch neatly guillotined his left hand off at the wrist. He screamed and drew back his arm, blood cascading onto the deck of the Enterprise’s engine room.  The Andorian lieutenant standing next to him began first aid immediately; training overcame revulsion as the alien’s blood drenched his uniform. Someone else was calling Sick Bay declaring a Medical Emergency.


“Blue Alert, This is a Blue Alert! Medical team Alpha is needed immediately in the Engine Room.” Lt. Uhura announced over the ship wide intercom.  The message repeated. //So much for a quiet R&R at Star base 24.// Nurse Chapel thought and she ran for the turbo-lift.


She was met in the lift by Senior Med Tech Josh Flannery. He had an anti-grav-stretcher full of gear taking up most of the available space.  He briefed her on the situation as the lift traveled. 


“Where is Doctor McCoy?” she asked


“He’s still down on the station enjoying himself. “ Flannery said with a knowing leer.


“Damn. I hate to be a party pooper, but he’s the expert.”  Flannery nodded.  What Commander Scott was to warp engines, Doctor McCoy was to micro-vascular and micro-neurological surgery. M’Benga was good, but only Bones could save that boy’s hand.


Doctor M’Benga told Captain Kirk as much fifteen minutes later when they had stabilized the ensign. Even with the Enterprise’s state-of-the-art medical facilities every second counted.  They had to get too McCoy right away. 


“Now, that’s going to be a problem.” Captain Kirk said, “Leonard booked a privacy suite at the Dizzy Deltan. They make you leave your communicator in the antechamber, or so I‘ve heard. These Deltans guarantee absolute privacy. I’ll get with the base commander, by the time Ms. Chapel is in Transporter Room Two, I’ll have an emergency override.”


And so it went.  Chris hurried through the station with two security guards running interference all the way to the pleasure house.  //I don’t care what kind of trader trash Len has hooked up with, he has got to get his scrawny ass back up to the ship STAT.  I’m sure that his dockside doxie can find another companion for tonight. Len will understand.  Once he calms down.// she added.


The night manager grinned from ear to ear. “Sirs and madam, there is no need to rush. We have plenty of rooms from which to choose.  What is your pleasure?”


Chris shot him a poisonous glance.  “I need to see Commander Leonard McCoy of the USS Enterprise.  I know that he is here.  This is a medical emergency and this “ She slammed the disk on the counter, “is an emergency override from Commodore Lynch!”


The Deltan smiled wilted. “Of course. Room eight, fourth door on the right.” Chapel took off running.  “Be sure and knock or you’ll be sorry!”  he called down the hall.


Chapel smashed the override code on the door lock. As the door began to open, Chris’ nose caught the overpowering smell of male musk, just male musk.  //No wonder he needed a Deltan privacy suite.//


“Oh,” she started to say, “NO!” she cried as the door opened completely and she saw Doctor McCoy and Commander Spock in flagrante delicto.  Spock’s legs were over McCoy’s shoulders and Leonard stopped mid-stroke.  His right hand pumped his partner’s manhood.


“This had better be important.” he growled.


“Sorry, sorry.” Chris was nearly in tears. Her eyes were firmly fixed on her boots.


“What is it, Nurse?” a very impatient doctor prompted.


“A hand job.” Chapel blushed scarlet. “I mean, eh, Ensign Galvan severed his left hand at the wrist and we need you right away.” She willed herself to move, but couldn’t. It was all she could do to resist closing her eyes, putting her hands over her ears and singing  ‘La, la, la‘.  She could hear them moving apart: A grunt, a groan, one long leg after the other hitting the mattress.  They whispered to each other and kissed.  //Never a hull breach when you want one// she thought.


“Thank you, Nurse Chapel,” Spock was addressing her. He sounded unflustered as if he had just been interrupted at lunch.  “We shall be with you presently. Perhaps you would be more comfortable waiting in the antechamber?” 


She nodded numbly and stumbled towards the door.  She squeezed out when it just opened wide enough, calling Sorry again as she did. 


She slumped against the wall and said “Why didn’t I listen to that guy?”




Three hours later after Bones had save the young engineer’s hand.  Galvan was in recovery.  He heard crying coming from the empty ward.


“Why did I listen to that man?” Christine moaned, sitting by herself on a diagnostic bed.


“Which man?” Doctor McCoy asked


She jumped. “You startled me.” 


“Which man?”


“Captain Kirk. After we discovered that Roger was dead, the Captain sweet talked me into staying on.  If I had known what a galaxy-class fool I was going to make out of myself, I would have gone back to the Daystrom Institute.”  Regret, embarrassment, remorse and self-pity came off Nurse Chapel in waves. “Oh, Doctor!  I’m so sorry.”


“Yeah, about that.  Didn’t you see the squawk box beside the privacy lock?” He was torn.  He wanted to feel sorry for her and yet he was still a little angry, and very much afraid for himself and his friend.


“Gosh, no.”


“I guess not.  It’s standard procedure in places like that.” He caught her eye. “You really didn’t know, did ya?”


Chris shook her head.


He cleared his throat, “Now about what you did saw…. “


“I didn’t get a good look at her, Len.  Just a fleeting impression, tall, athletic.” She shrugged.


“Aw, Chris, I don’t know what to say.” He felt a cold dread lift from his heart.


She took his hands in hers and said quietly “You are the best.  I’m not going to let some outdated regulation deprive this ship of the best surgeon in the Alpha quadrant.”


“Thanks.“ He patted her hand. “I wish this could be the end of this, but I know the next time you see him, you’re going to blush and feel awkward.”


“So, who would notice the difference?” She laughed disparately


“Poor Ch…”


“If you finish that sentence, I‘ll make you scrub bedpans for a week.”


“I’m a doctor, not an orderly. How about I buy you a bad cup of coffee?” He smiled at her and held out his hand.  She took it and leapt down from the diagnostic bed. 


“Coffee sounds terrific.”



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