Sound of Silence

Title: Sound of Silence

Author: Jessica
Rating: PG-13
Parings: Spock and McCoy, of course!
Summary: Spock and McCoy can communicate without words.

Give in to the silence. People are always trying to fill it in with senseless chatter. They don't understand the peacefulness that comes with it. Maybe it's human nature to fear the silence. We try so hard to fill it. We hear without really listening, we talk without really saying anything. The noise goes in and out, not always registering. We often touch without feeling. This I have come to learn.
When Spock told me all this, I wanted to deny it. Hell, I did deny it. But that pointed eared bastard was right. Now I know it. He showed me. Without saying anything, he told me that he loved me. Even as he verbally denied his emotions, his eyes gave him away.
When he allowed the meld to form, I felt him more keenly than I have ever felt another person.
I don't have to say a word, because he can see and feel exactly what I feel. I surrendered myself to him, and he to me. I closed my eyes and allow peace to envelop us.
There is no noise to disturb the peace. There is only us. And we are one. I draw strength from him, and he from me.

The End

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