Tempest III - Water


Canto III


by Shoshana








By the storm

     Together lashed

     And together bound

By bonds intended

     For no earthbound creature

We stroke, I tireless, you weary

     Amidst rough passage

          Through a seething, restless ocean

I flotsam, you jetsam

     Both heaving in the waves

          Of my undesired passion

You choking on the ever present spindrift

     With which you are sprayed.


The garrote that is our psychic link

     Has tightened around us both

     A yoke we cannot cast off

This bond which you accepted willingly

     Now bondage you would escape

Except for the other bond

     The love to which I am oblivious

     The love to which even now you cleave

And so you toss the invisible rope

     To the one you long to rescue.


In your wild submission

     You are enslaved to one in thrall

You desire not my body

     In which once you delighted

Now you yearn for relief  

     From its endless emissions

          And interminable demands

               Intermission from intromission

But my lion’s love is fiercer than his pain

Dauntless, you continue your mission

     To deliver me

     From this body pregnant with lust

          To grant me  

          Remission from this venomous passion  

          That poisons my blood and loins and brain

     To purge me

          Of this living death of licentiousness

          Which brings anguish to us both.


The rapacious and the ravished

     Entangled in savage embrace

          I ride you, my lifeboat

               And vessel for my seed

Clinging to you

          Through the roiling

               Frenzied torrent  

You sharing jagged shards of my torment

     And always                                                                              


               Your wearied flesh.   


Fever still unbroken

     Thirst as yet unslaked

          My tumult of tumescence

               Swells and surges and subsides –

                    Rearing, spilling, to be quelled –          

                         Raging, spewing, to be quenched –    

                              Rising, spurting, to be quieted –  

                                   Cycle seemingly without surcease

With neither respite nor reprieve.


Tides of commingled fluids crash and recede

     As we welter in each other’s sweat

          Your tears and blood, my semen

               Your own seed long since depleted

And still the abyss of greed yawns deep 

     As the deluge overwhelms once more

          And I plunge within 

               I gasp in transient pleasure

Your gasped pain is slow to ebb

     Soon fevered burning sweeps over me again.


The two of us swim through pain

     Persistent protracted perpetual discomfort  

Your hurts and weariness undermine your mental shields

More and more we sense each other’s suffering

     My burning seeps into your mind

     Your aching bleeds into my consciousness

I remain indifferent to your distress

     My awareness of it serves only

          To intensify the urgency of my demands

          Thus generating for you more pain

          Which in a vicious self-perpetuating cycle

          In turn propagates within me more pain

          To be sacrificed on the altar of your body           

You shed tears in pity for my plight

     As well as for the pangs

     Suffered by your ill-used flesh  

You continue to offer me

     The only anodyne you know

          Your own spent body

               The battered currency

With which you buy my life

Your physical suffering you do not rebel against

     Accepting it as inescapable

But the affliction of your beloved

     Both anguishes and appalls

You are terrified by your brief glimpses into my insanity

     By your fleeting taste of my raging appetite

     By your momentary impressions

          Of the searing pain which racks my body

And so you shore up your faltering mental defenses

     The best you can

          To try to keep me out of your head

     If not your beleaguered flesh. 


Though even your love

     Cannot spare me waves of agony

You offer your pain

     As ransom for my life

     Becoming fellow hostage to the storm

A wellspring of clemency

     (Your own pain be damned)

You grant me all that I demand or need

     Save the absolution

          I need but do not want

     Because in your prodigality

          You find nothing to forgive.




Notes for Canto III      masu:  Vulcan for “water”     flotsam/jetsam:  flotsam

is debris from the wreckage of a ship; jetsam is cargo deliberately thrown

into the water when the ship is endangered        cleave:  adhere, cling to;

also, be faithful       anodyne:   a medicine that relieves pain    prodigality: 

extreme generosity

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