Tempest V - Volcano


Canto V

Solektra - Shi’yon/Earth - Volcano

by Shoshana








Final consummation is drawing near

that will break the interminable fever

at the edge of the seething caldera

under an ominous sky the lion cowers

pummeled by smoking pumice

and singed by searing cinder

battered by blasting basalt

and assaulted by falling ash

cascading chaos of mountain fire

is hailing down upon him

the escalating rampage

is harbinger of impending explosion

violent prelude to violent end

of endlessly violent desire

Seleya’s final paroxysm

before deceptive hibernation    

the slumber of seven years

culmination he has yearned for

climax he has feared


Rocky extrusion thrusts ever upward

the mountain’s cataclysmic upheaval

that must end in its collapse

swelling intensifying ferocity

rips open new fissures in the earth

that ooze red-hot internal liquids

broken earth vents noxious gases

in frenzied terror the lion lashes out

transformed in this moment of extremity

into a frantic combative animal

erupting in explosive fear to escape its tormentor

a wild creature that once was tame

but has now forgotten love

a captive beast  storming to protect itself

from the terminal fury bearing down upon it

you survived fire and water and desert

but Seleya awakened is an anvil

on which you are being hammered

beyond endurance beyond recognition

I threaten to pound you out of existence

I am become ravenous monster           

devouring you with jaws drooling hot lava

digesting your flesh in a gullet churning with hot magma 

your confused
                           ears are filled with crazed roaring

cries from a lonely distance

both very far and strangely near

the roaring your own voice and another not your own

but no longer can you tell the difference

all sound is howling in the wind

rumbling of a dying mountain

thunderclaps in a darkened sky

because you have lost yourself

on a vulcanhot convulsing bed of earth

where two agonized wild animals fight to survive

seething passion sheer panic searing pain

are melded into



Your teeth tear at my arms

your nails claw at my flesh

and with one anguished silent thought
the first words in years you have
                           deliberately projected into my mind  
you scream in supplication both to me and to yourself 
              NO! – PLEASE STOP! 
because part of
                           you still remembers love
you abhor the animal to which you are reduced
                           grieve for the brute I have become   

and in these last awful moments

before seleya explodes into oblivion  
the door to your mind is flung open 
                           crashing down
you unable in pain and terror  
                           keep raised the mental shields as I taught you 
the shields you have always kept
even in the throes of passion
the opening which
                           during the storm has been a crack 
admitting to your mind only slivers of my agony  
and to me splinters of your pain 
                           of us alone in his suffering   
that opening now
                           a raw and gaping black hole 
a wound exploding with white luminosity 
                           see the darkness but I follow the light 
for the first time your mind is stripped bare to me
as naked as the body writhing under my own
                           inner self laid more open to my own 
than my loins are to your flesh 
                           I am reawakened to our love 
I detest the beast to which I am reduced  
I mourn the animal you have become
                           an instant that is as an eternity 
your suffering claws at my brain
                           hurt roars in my mind
your pain compounds my own 
                           I know the same is true for you 
but then in the blazing touch of our minds
                           than any mind meld I have known 
for both of us is mercy found
                           agony suddenly is burned away  
in the purifying
of burning knowledge of the other
I do not understand
                           how this can be
but when you silently screamed for mercy
                           remanance of my love for you was energized
the magnetization between us has come alive 
                           energy hums and thrills between us
carried on the cord of our bond 
                           first heard these strains when you carried my katra
sometimes in muffled muted snippets
                           half heard and confused  
other times in
                           a blaring dissonant jangled cacophony
that overwhelmed your burdened brain
                           for the first time we hear the melody played full measure
a canon sung by two 
                           do not yet know all the harmonies or variations 
but now we know the tune 
I smellseetastehearfeel you and all that you smellseetastehearfeel
                           I know the same is true for you as with me  
                           senseknowshare fully all that lurks in the other’s mind
the sweet and the bitter both 
                           the fear and pain and shame and madness 
and love recognized and regained 
                           as you are pulled toward insanity 
I am pulled away from it
                           we meet in the middle 
I am the alien animal thrashing within my grasp 
                           are the monster that attacks me   
                           no longer are we Vulcan and Terran
but instead a single planet 
                           hemisphere robed in daylight
the other cloaked in black night   
both equally parts of the whole 
                           the same moment in silent words we say to each other 
I did not understand I am sorry
                           beloved I could not stop myself 
I could not help myself I am sorry t’hy’la
                           I did not know  
we are sorry –
Here on Seleya to which once I fled forsaking the stars
                           I could not face my love for you
Seleya which once I departed 
                           kolinahr to return to space 
because I heard your voice calling to me across light-years
                           where our lives and sanity endangered

yoursoulmykatra were rent asunder in al-tor-pan

here on this Seleya we have faced 
                           different insanity and a different danger 
in this crucible of cold heat and lonely union    
here through a strange alchemy
                           we are rejoined in a fusion
we neither sought nor knew existed
                           did not realize pon farr could be the sharing of selves
rather than the taking of the body
                           did not know you could not know
that allowing the door open in this moment
                           be not to lose yourself 
but instead to discover us both anew 
                           filling rather than an emptying 
an oasis unexpectedly found in the barren desert
                           land blessedly beneath one’s hands and feet 
after having been tossed by a raging
We are hunger
                           and satiation

anger and reconciliation

wound and healing

savagery and gentleness  

blindness and sight

need and fulfillment

selfish indifference and generous love 

for hate is not the opposite of love

and the only hate that touches us here

is that which we hold for ourselves

because of what we have done to the other who is ourself

the one who is called beloved

fear and the lack of fear

which as well you know my lion

is not the same as courage

for courage is the strength to stand facing one’s fear

and courage has touched you here  

because for an instant that was as an eternity  

you were terrified by this unimagined intimacy

but in a gift to us both

born of your questing curiosity

and most of all your generous love

you did not slam closed to me the door to your mind


                           the first time in days your own arousal springs forth
hard and hot and alive and eager
                           need pulses through our veins
blazing in the blood
                           in our hearts
throbbing in our groins
and in our bowels
                           our bones our brains
lust is translated to pure desire
                           still hunger for your body 
but now I want and possess all of you 
                           inquisitive mind that ventured to the stars
an idiosyncratic amalgam 
                           quick intelligence and illogic
the heart, generous and loving
                           and stubborn 
loyal and lion-brave
of the lonely
                           soul who called to me across the void
across death and madness while you held my katra
                           sheer terror here on Seleya 
your soul that in this moment is lonely no longer 
This shared passion is a different madness
we are become
                           a volcano churning forth flame from dark depths 

ready to explode itself into long dormant sleep

a plant with roots groping blindly in dark earth

leaves stretching toward the light

both acts equally necessary for survival

and our bond is a bud unfolding among the leaves into beauty

normally we see only

the spewing fire the reaching greenness 

not the dark and hidden places that give these things birth 

we are anvil and hammer blacksmith and worked metal all become one

we are the hunter and the hunted and the hunt itself


hunter and hunted

                           on the mountain’s
heaving precipice 
sudden shudderings 
abrupt and expected
                           birth pang 
death rattle both
with conclusive concussive
final earthquake comes
engorged volcano
                           eruption lava hot
internal chambers emptied
                           and hunted 
together overcome 
on the trembling
bed of earth
both slain 
                           Seleya’s final paroxysm
both fallen 
                           long hunt ended 
as logic is melted
     into molten
madness smelted 
into comprehension
     and on love’s anvil of desire
          the Two
                           melded into


Notes for Canto V:  solektra:  Vulcan for “earth; ground; dirt”      

shi’yon:  Vulcan for volcano

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