Thanksgiving Top Ten

10.  Two months until Burnā€™s Night and the haggis.
   9.  Three shifts, three Thanksgiving dinners, no one will know if you went to all three, will they, Jim?
  8.  Tofu turkey is now very tasty - if you're a Vulcan.
  7.  [Movie Reference] Snazzy cranberry red jackets hide a multitude of sins, don't they, Jim?
  6.  Second dessert of any Red Shirt wearing his "I Survived a Landing Party" tee shirt.
  5.  Carving the turkey  with a class one phaser 
  4.  No kids table.
  3.  Still plenty of Plomeek soup, left.
  2.  After dinner - Zero gravity touch football.  Go you Blues!
  1.  Security tape of XO and CMO playing "Oops, Dropped My Spoon."