The Doc and the Vulcan

Title: The Doc And the Vulcan

Author: Artemis (

Series: TOS

Codes: S/Mc, Filk

Rating: [G]

Parts: 1/1

Summary:  “The Galileo Seven” told in verse

Disclaimer: CBS-Paramount owns Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.

Feedback: Will write for feedback

Beta:  No beta. All mistakes are my own.

Author's Note: For Spiced Peaches XXV, with thanks to Shoshana for the inspiration


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The Doc and the Vulcan went to see a pea green quasar

They went with Scotty, Boma and a hotty

 And two guy who didn't get far

The Doc looked out at the broken ship

And said with an angry growl

Logic be damned, Damn logic

You need to get a grip

A grip

A grip

You need to get a grip


The Vulcan said to the Doc, “we're stuck on this rock.

Be quiet and let me think

I don't need to be harried, with banter and parry

You're acting like a fink.

You two in yellow, be good fellows

And check out the lay of the land.

Latimer he died with a spear in his side

Thrown by a native hand

A hand

A hand

Thrown by a native hand


The crew was revolting, the natives spear holding

My logic” Said the Vulcan “is failing”

Mr. Scott can you try, to make this crate fly

Aye,” replied Scott “With phaser juice availing”

In a desperate race, they took off into space

Where the Vulcan shot off his flare

It was spotted by Jim, who rescued them

With only seconds to spare

To spare

To spare

With only seconds to spare

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