The Ambassador's Son

Title: Ambassador’s Son

Author: Artemis -

Series: TOS

Pairing: Spock/McCoy

Rating: PG-17

Summary: This is a sequel to "Earth Day." The beginning of their first formal date from Mrs. McCoy‘s point of view. 

Disclaimer: CBS-Paramount owns Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Janet for the Beta.

Author's Note: This is a one-act play.  I thought I would try a different format.

Archive: The Spock/McCoyote's Den






Leonard McCoy

Mary McCoy - Leonard’s mother

Emma Jackson - Her sister


PLACE:  The McCoy farm in Georgia


TIME:  Dec 27, 2249


Scene I


Emily:  It’s about time you called.  What took so long?


Mary:  Clothes, what else?  I thought boys were supposed to be easier than girls.  That nice Vulcan ambassador’s son, Spock arranged for Leonard to go to the Andorian Embassy Ball with him. Well, Leonard came out of his room in a red and yellow Retro-Ren outfit with a codpiece big enough to smuggle squash.  So, I told him:  March right back upstairs, young man, and put one something decent.


Emily:  And did he?


Mary:  Well, let me tell you.  Cadet Spock shows up at the front door looking immaculate in his dress grays.  He even brought me flowers! Leonard comes down in his powder blue tuxedo (The one with the ruffled shirt).


And Spock says, very diplomatically, "Leonard, while the overall style of your garment is appropriate for the occasion, the color is not.  That particular shade of blue too closely resembles Andorian skin tone."


"Well, what I am supposed to wear?" Len challenged, "Mom didn’t like my court costume.  You don’t like my tux. Do you want me to walk around as naked as a jay bird?"


"Jay birds are also blue.  Why don’t I help you choose something suitable for the ball?" Spock offered.


Leonard took Spock’s arm and led him up to his room all the time complaining about his lack of formal wear.


Emily (laughing):  Formal wear! That boy! ‘Member last summer at Ester’s wedding, when he thought he was dressed up because he had on a long sleeved shirt and hard soled shoes?


Mary (laughing):  I know!  Anyway, I thought they were going to be late, it took them so long to get him ready. However, eventually, they did come down and - Oh, Emma, you should have seen my Lenny, he looked so handsome.  He was wearing that white silk shirt from Ester’s wedding with black pants, a long black vest and the silver Caduceus bolo tie Daddy gave him when he graduated college.  Simple, but elegant.  That Spock is a wonder.


Emily:  Did you take pictures?


Mary:  Well, of course, I did.  I’ll send them to you as soon as we disconnect.  I can’t do two things at once.  I’m still exhausted; Leonard’s room was a mess!


Emily:  As always, and to think an ambassador’s son had to see that mess. Tsk!


Mary:  Humph, I asked David how Leonard could ever hope to be a doctor and not learn to pick up after himself.  David said casually, that that’s what nurses were for.


(Mary and Emily laugh)


Mary:  Still, Leonard looked neat as a pin when they left here tonight.  I do believe that Spock will be a good influence on him.



Scene II


(Spock and Leonard climb into the flitter.  Spock engages the automatic pilot. Then they laugh heartily and embrace. They kiss open mouthed, briefly and passionately.)


Spock:  Leonard, I cannot believe you talked me into that!


Leonard:  I can’t believe you went along with it, but I’m glad you did. 


Spock:  I thought surely your mother would come up to see what was taking so long.


Leonard:  That was the one thing I could count on.  She knows I’m a clotheshorse and it takes me forever to get dressed. 


Spock: You, however, get undressed very quickly.


Leonard:  (sputters) My tux was the color of Andorian skin! (He slaps Spock on the knee), Boy, you are a genius. 


Spock:  Where did you get that… that… piece of sartorial satire?


Leonard:  My mom bought it.  She’s into Twentieth century history and culture.  We had "Tee Vee" dinners the other night, ugh. 


Spock:  I’m sure my evening’s repast was much tastier.  (He pulls Leonard close) As a matter of fact, I would not be adverse to seconds. (Spock tugs on Leonard’s waistband.)


Leonard: Seconds, I haven’t recovered from first, yet, darlin.’ (He gently removes Spock’s hand)


Spock: (looks down cast) I understand.


Leonard:  Aw, Spock honey, don’t.  Look, how long until we get to the Andorian Embassy?


Spock:  At current course and speed, forty-seven minutes and fifty-three seconds.


Leonard:  Plenty of time.  (He slips down between Spock’s knees) Cadet, I suggest you remove those trousers, if you don’t want them stained and wrinkled. (Spock obliges) Oh my, were you planning on wearing that all evening?


Spock:  Just until you noticed.


Leonard:  Well, you could have been the Belle of the Ball.  All the ladies would have lined up to dance with the Big Man on the Academy Campus. Where did you find my codpiece and when did you put it on?


Spock: On the floor beside your bed.  I put it on while you were in the bathroom.  I am constantly amazed that you are allowed to keep your room in such a state of disarray.  It would not be tolerated on Vulcan.


Leonard:  Well, it works for me.  Now, if you don’t mind, it’s not polite to talk with my mouth full.


LATER (They are dressed, watching the world skim by under the flitter)


Spock:  Well timed, Len.  We have 4.7 minutes until we reach the embassy.


Leonard:  Just one final detail.  Let me fix your lipstick, sweetheart.


Spock:  It is a Vulcan cosmetic designed to camouflage such features as Humans might finds disquieting.


Leonard:  In other words:  Vulcan lipstick.


Spock:  (Sighs) Yes.  Leonard, when you call me "sweetheart", is that a sincere indication of your feelings towards me, or is it just a verbal habit?


Leonard:  (Leonard takes Spock’s face in his hands) My dear Spock, I am very sincere when I call you "sweetheart", "darling", "honey" and I wish you would fall into the same habit. 


Spock:  Understood, darlin’.



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