The Dance

Title: The Dance 1/1
Author: Edmund White
Rating: G
Status: new
Series: no
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount and probably some
others. This is non-profit fanfic, and no harm is meant.
Summary:Late challenge piece
// denotes thoughts and mental communication
We dance. He takes three steps back and I follow. I walk away and he runs after me. Vulcan mating rituals are as complicated as they are precise. If we make one mistake our dance will end. He is hiding in sickbay now. He's frightened of human contact and hides behind his  profession, yet the doctor is one of the most caring men I have ever met. He trusts Vulcan honor and tradition...He shouldn't . There are reasons for our rigid hierarchy. Leonard's empathetic ability is as seductive as his mind. It is how we walk this tightrope without falling.
"Concentrate Leonard."
The dark eyes of the first officer bore into those of the chief medical officer. They sat crossed legged in front of one another on McCoy's bunk. Both men were dressed in regulation black t-shirts and pants. Only two fingers connecting them. Leonard bit his lip as he tried to find his center. His soft brown hair fell carelessly into his blue eyes.
"How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not psychic Spock!"
"Negating an ability is not the same as not having one. Now concentrate doctor. Try to send me your thoughts."
McCoy looked deeply into Spock's eyes.
//God you have beautiful eyes. No! I don't want to send that...//
"You're not trying Leonard."
//I hate it when he calls me that. I just melt inside.// Warm blue eyes became slightly shuttered. //I'm certainly not going to send that!// Spock watched the emotions that played across the doctor's face. The Vulcan had put mental blocks up between them due to his own touch telepathy. It was not difficult to see what McCoy was
"Are you having difficulties Leonard."
McCoy met the eyes of the Vulcan and felt himself color.
"Couldn't we do this later?"
Leonard ran his fingers seductively up Spock's finger tips.
This was their dance floor. Vulcan culture, human foibles, and half a dozen projects they were working on.
"Perhaps you need an incentive doctor?"
Leonard's hand jerked away and were held in place by a gentle, yet iron grip.
"Oh no you don't. You know what happens when you say that."
"What happens doctor?"
Image after image flooded the doctor's mind. Vulcans were very imaginative when it came to sexual practices. Spock sent the feelings and stopped just short of Leonard experiencing an explosive orgasm.
Spock held his trembling bondmate within his arms.
"Maybe you should have chosen Jim. " McCoy looked away. God knows why she picked me. He would have bedded you a week later. I guess they knew I would hold out longer. When we were first bonded I thought I
would be the impatient one. Are you sorry Spock?"
Spock had conducted the bonding interview alone. The old woman studied him coldly.
"Either of these men would be a workable match for you. Kirk is very experienced . He is physically strong, and his mind is receptive. The human doctor is the better match mentally. The damage that has been done to his telepathic ability is extensive, but he is very gifted. His physical condition will however, puts him at a definite disadvantage."
"MaKKoy is a virgin. This will place him at a novice level."
If it was possible to shock the first officer of the Enterprise, this last revelation would be it.
"Perhaps there is some mistake."
T'Pau frowned with displeasure. "The healers are nor mistaken. Nor is the doctor's mind." Her long fingers played with her staff.
"The doctor projects what others wish to see. He has done so from the time he was a child. What is is. Make your choice wisely."
"Perhaps T'Pau knows us better than we know ourselves. I would not change what has been done."
"You wouldn't?"
"No Leonard. You are a wise and thoughtful bondmate. It is I who become anxious for our future."
The doctor gave the Vulcan a peck on his cheek before turning and settling his head on the other's lap. He placed his arms behind his head as he wiggled his body until he was comfortable. "All right I'm ready!"
The doctor's laughter accompanied a mischievous grin that made one want to join in. Spock studied the beloved face.
"Spock? Why are we doing this again?"
The Vulcan raised an elegant brow.
"So that our joining will be more fulfilling when it occurs."
"It's a long way off... I looked at the timetables yesterday."
"I've studied the timetables as well. They are irrelevant because I could have forced you long ago." The look in those dark chocolate eyes caused Leonard to shiver. It was true. Spock had demonstrated a tremendous amount of restraint from the very beginning. Leonard also knew how difficult it had to be for Spock.
"You wouldn't would you?"
Innocent blue eyes met his own. Spock closed his eyes. Dr. Leonard McCoy hopeless romantic, male virgin. Father to a child that was not his own and had married a woman who had never known him . The human was also a daily temptation to himself. Trust. They both held one
another's hearts in hesitant hands hoping the other would not crush them. They stared at one another. Without words a promise was given and accepted. The dance would continue.
"Let's try it again!" McCoy studied the smile that was not a smile.
"Remember Leonard you do not have to pressure yourself. Perhaps you are trying to hard."
//Don't be so patronizing Spock!//
//How long have you been able to do this?//
// Don't know, just happened recently.
Spock bent down to gently kiss the human on the lips.
//I'm still not psychic.// maintained a stubborn McCoy.
//Of course doctor.// Leonard bit his bottom lip.
//This will play havoc with the final bonding projections.//
//Yes doctor.// Spock brushed his fingers lightly over McCoy's meld points causing the doctor to totally relax.
//It should speed things up a bit. I sent my medical telemetry to the Vulcan healing college yesterday.// Spock caused another shiver.
//You did not have to do that.//
//I wanted to.// McCoy met the Vulcan's gaze and held it.
//I love you Sp