The Dance

Title: The Dance

Author: Jessica

Summary: Jim wonders Spock and McCoy's relationship.
Pairings: Spock/McCoy.
Author also wishes to thank J. Rosemary Moss for being a beta and giving me the title.


It is as if there's an invisible line between them. They stand on either side of it waving to each other; something will happen, they almost touch, then they get scared and jump apart. The dance repeats itself, there seems to be no end in sight.
Why can't they just meet in the middle? Sometimes I have to intervene, because I fear they may cut too deep, and the damage won't be repaired.
There are times when it seems that I'm the only one keeping them together; their frendship for me being the only thing they agree on.
Still other times I fear: what if I am also the very thing keeping them apart? Perhaps I sould step back, let the emotions boil over. They restrain themselves because of me.
I am the only thing keeping them together, and the only thing keeping them apart.

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