The Only Explanation

Title: The Only Explanation
Author: Qzeebrella
Author's e-mail:
Fandom: Star Trek the original series
Disclaimer: the show and its characters do not belong to me, oh woe.
No profit being made.
Archive: the Haven, Make Believe, ASCEML, ask and you shall recieve
Category: slash
Pairing: hints at S/Mc
Summary: Riley stumbles upon an explanation of events he never
wanted to know of.
Rating: parental caution is advised
Feedback: craved and desperately needed.

He was drunk. It was the only explanation. There was no way in hell
he just saw the First Officer pinch a naked Chief Medical Officer's
ass as "you aren't wearing any green." It was impossible for him to
have seen Dr. McCoy with his mouth around Spock's dick.

There was no way he had really heard Dr. McCoy say "fuck me, I'm
Irish." And Spock say, "Gladly doctor."

Kevin Riley knew that even though he hadn't even had a sip of
alcohol that day, he must be drunk. It was the only explanation.
Anything else was impossible. Wasn't it?