The Unreal McCoy

Title: The Unreal McCoy
Author: Larysart
Series: TOS
Codes: S/Mc, drabble, challenge,
Rating: R
Contact: lyrastarwatcher at yahoo dot com . The message will get
Disclaimer: Paramount--wish that were unreal
Summary: A Terrible Title is a terrible thing to waste


Swinging by his wrists, McCoy let himself slip away. They might kill
him, yes, but torture is only what the mind makes it. He slipped
back to the Melkots and the taste of Spock's mind in his; Spock had
made it all unreal. He tried to recapture that conviction, but a
violent pain ripped through his pecs, wrenching him solid again.

He slipped back further, to memories of their first night, the
glories of mindbond over corpus and the absolute certainty that came
with Spock within him.

As the oblivion of their orgasm washed over him, McCoy became again

September 2004