Unfeasible Drabble

For epistrophia in lj, who asked for "Spock/McCoy. Word: Unfeasible."


At their first date, Spock had presumed it would quite unfeasible for
the doctor to participate in anal intercourse, as Spock's member was
one of the few things he was proud of...long and thick, once it was
really elated.

However, McCoy surprised him that very first night; when Spock was on
his back, McCoy lowered himself onto the straining erection without
any signs of discomfort and rode him very experienced.

Spock didn't want to inquire about it for some time, but one day, he
pulled up the courage and did.

McCoy smirked. "I thought you'd never ask," he said and pulled open
the sideboard. There, an eclectic collection of dildos and butt plugs
stood in surely three rows.

"This one's my favourite", McCoy said and reached for one that was
twice the size of Spock's own penis. "It's called Wesley – I wonder
where they got that stupid name from."