by Qzeebrella


S/Mc Poem, Spock’s perspective


2nd in a 3 Poem series, 1st being Sand, 3rd being Oasis




Cool blue water stroked his skin


As the wind danced around him


Gently covering him with water


The wind slows for a moment


Its speed allowing the water to become still


Each drop of water soaking into him


Covering him


Leaving him clean


Revealing a loyal soul glowing.


The cool liquid taste on his tongue


The sea blue water holding him


At his feet


Its bottomless depths


Keeping him afloat in the center


Of life-giving waters


Holding him in place


Within its soft embrace


The water is everywhere


Under him


In him


All around


Supporting him and sustaining him


In its cupped palm


Letting his katra float


To mix with the clear water


Upon the waves


The water


Is exactly what he needed


All he will ever need


To feel complete


And he is safe here


Within its embrace.



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