Engineering, We Have a Problem

Title: Engineering, we have a problem
Author: ZiKerag (
Series: TOS
Pairing: S/Mc
Rating: Very naughty
Parts: 1 of 1 
Date: October 2002
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Engineering, we have a problem
Good morning, Spock, McCoy said joyfully, as Spock turned the 
corner in front of him.
Good morning, Doctor, Spock replied. I did not see you there.
Well, I wasn't hiding, but I *was* waiting for you.
Waiting for me? Why would you want to do that, Doctor? You know the 
captain said how urgently we were required on the bridge?
Yes, I know all that, but Jim...the Captain, Len corrected 
himself, as they were on duty wouldn't start anything before we 
were both there so, since I knew which route you were taking and I 
knew I was here, I decided to wait for you.
Indeed. How did you know which route I would be taking?
I know a lot of things about you, Mr. Spock. McCoy smiled, a smug, 
devious smile, but one that contained no malice. Shall we 
continue? He offered, bringing Spocks questions to an abrupt end 
before they even got started.
They arrived at the turbo-lift, and Spock pressed the button to 
summon the lift. He had noticed that the doctor had not really been 
walking with him but half a step behind him. This told Spock that 
the doctor was up to something. Another sly plan, no doubt, but 
McCoy had been a bit strange this time. Normally Spock would have 
expected to be sexually harassed by the doctor at some stage along 
the corridor by now, but nothing had happened.
The turbo-lift door opened, and both of them entered. McCoy took the 
control stick and gave the command Bridge, with a voice that Spock 
found unusual, even allowing for the doctors emotional roller 
They continued in silence for a few seconds when, suddenly, the 
turbo-lift sprang to a complete halt, throwing both of them off 
balance. Spock looked at the doctor. Are you alright? he asked as 
he helped Len get back on his feet.
Mr. Spock went to communications panel and pressed a button. 
Engineering, this is Commander Spock. Doctor McCoy and myself are 
stuck in a turbo-lift. Is there a problem?
Scottys voice came back to them. Aye, Mr. Spock, there is indeed a 
problem. It should not take us too long to sort things out but, 
maybe, youd like to check things out your end too, in case there 
are some relays which need replacing.
Very well, Spock out. He turned to the doctor, Excuse me, Doctor, 
I need to get to that panel behind you.
You could call me Leonard and say please, you know?
May I remind you, Doctor, that we are both on duty and, I thought 
we had agreed, that in such cases we would observe the correct 
Indeed *we* did, McCoy replied sarcastically. Spock ignored him 
and bent down on all fours to open the ground level service panel, 
as McCoy stepped aside. The doctor continued, But what does that 
change in a situation like this?
Opening the panel and sticking his head half way in, Spock 
continued, We are still professionals, Doctor. Now, can you get 
from the turbo-lift toolbox a... Spock stopped, as he felt McCoys 
hands caressing his buttocks, his hips and trying to work their way 
between his legs. It had been a couple of days since they had been 
alone together for anything more than a meal or a drink in the mess 
hall. Work meant that they were always going their separate ways 
again within minutes of getting together. Spock was in the mood too 
for some fun, so he opened his legs a little wider to make McCoys 
task of stimulating his privates a little easier without admitting 
to too much. Spock tried to act as if nothing was happening and 
continued, I think there are just some dry joints here which need 
I think Ive found one too, McCoy added, and I have just the 
thing for it.
Spock remained on all fours without moving, as he heard Leonard get 
up and open another panel. Then, no sooner had McCoy returned, Spock 
found that his trousers had been pulled down and felt a cold liquid 
pass in-between his buttocks. McCoys hand followed swiftly and 
stopped to circle Spocks anus making sure it was well greased. 
Spock then heard another pair of trousers coming off. He closed his 
eyes in anticipation of what was coming next.
Spock finished adjusting his uniform, as McCoy replaced the 
lubricant in its special hiding place.
Walking over to McCoy and putting his arms around him to pull the 
other man in to his chest in a loving hug, Spock said, I was 
unaware that such hiding places existed.
Oooh, they do! said McCoy, closing his eyes and hugging the other 
man back. Speaking with a muffled voice into Spocks chest, he 
continued, Crewman Cook showed me where they were.
And how did Crewman Cook know?
Its common knowledge among certain groups of people on the ship.
Spock pulled away and looked perplexed at the doctors information 
about what junior members of the crew knew. Whilst the captain might 
try to involve everybody, this was, after all, a naval vessel and 
traditions dictated that senior officers do not socialize with 
junior crewmen. McCoy chuckled to himself, as he let go of Spock and 
walked over to the communications panel.
Engineering, this is Doctor McCoy. How is our turbo-lift coming 
Scotty replied, Just finished, Doctor. The turbo-lift began to 
move again. Hows *it* now, sir?
Wonderful, said McCoy, *it* hasnt been better in days. Thanks 
for your help, Scotty. McCoy out.
The turbo-lift doors opened and both the doctor and Spock stepped 
out on to the bridge.
Kirk swiveled around to face them in his chair. Good morning, 
gentlemen. What kept you?
We had some turbo-lift problems, McCoy said, glancing at Spock to 
see if he was going to give them away.
It was not anything too serious, Captain. Spock continued Just 
some joints that needed lubricating.
The end