"What's Love Got to Do With It? - Everything!"

Title:  Screencap--A Piece of the Action “What’s Love Got to Do With It?  Everything!”

Author:  Ster Julie

Codes:  TOS; S/Mc; written for Spiced Peaches XXVIII

Rating:  PG

Part 1 of 1

Summary:  This photo is so rich, one captioned turned into a story!  (And, ahem, it’s a double drabble at exactly 200 words long!)

A/N:  I miss my old computer.   This image this story is based on is here:  http://tos.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/2x17/pieceoftheaction_322.jpg




Doctor, did I ever tell you that your eyes are asthetically pleasing?

Spock, should you be entertaining thoughts like that while we’re on guard duty? …  Wait, did you just say my eyes are pretty?

Not precisely, Doctor, but the sentiments are … similar.  What do you say we grab some of Mr. Oxmyx’s “drinking stuff” and enjoy each others’ company tonight?

Spock, it wouldn’t be fun for either of us. 


You make a lousy drunk. 

Oh.  I see.

Wait, are you pouting?

Vulcans do not pout.

Try telling that to the mirror.

Enjoy your quiet evening tonight.  Alone, Doctor.

Spock, since when did you become such a crybaby?

Since I am neither a baby, nor am I crying, I will not dignify that statement with a response.

I only meant to say that alcohol will not help us to enjoy each others’ company, Spock.


It will hinder it.

I surmised that from your earlier statement, Doctor.

Let me finish.  We won’t need the alcohol to have a good time. 


Any time I can spend with you is a good time.

Oh, Leonard!

Oh, brother!   

I would advise youse to button yer lip.

That’s telling him, Spocko!



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