When I Awoke

Title: When I Awoke

Song: For Emily Whenever I may find her

Author: tarantel

Pairings: S/Mc

Rating: PG13

Beta: spiderorchid



"What a dream I had!" Leonard yawned, stretched, and smiled, half tenderly, half amused.


"Good morning, Leonard. Do you wish to tell me about the subconscious wishes haunting your sleep?"


The doctor’s smile broadened. "Well, it was all about you."




"You looked stunning in burgundy coloured organdy."


An ebony eyebrow rose. "Leonard, are you trying to make me understand that in the future you would like me to dress up like this before we are going to make love?"


Now the smile became laughter, soft and tender and amused. "No, Spock. I prefer you just the way you are." Skilled hands caressed hot, naked skin. "Warm……And near……And horny. Who needs to dream?"

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