Why Always You?

Title: Why always you?
Author: T'Sihek
Series: TOS
Pairing: S/Mc
Rating: PG-13, h/c, First time
Summary: Spock is badly injured, again. And McCoy is angry.
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Disclaimer: The boys belong to Paramount/Viacom, the rest is mine and
there is no money made with it.
Note: Written for the 16th wave but without a challenge.

~ Why always you? ~

"What the hell are you doing? Leave him alone, immediately!"

Nurse Chapel turned round and faced the very angry CMO.
"His temperature is rising. I just washed his face with a cold and
wet towel," she answered.

Dr. McCoy took a deep breath. "Stop that. You know very well he does
not like being touched." His tone told her better to do what he
insisted. With a last look on the sleeping man she turned and left
the room.

McCoy stood a moment longer, waiting to slow down his mood. Then he
slowly went to the bio-bed and took a look at the bio-scanner on the
wall. He sighed in relief. Everything seems to be okay.

In an almost tender caress he ordered the bangs on the too white and
sweaty forehead.
"Women! They *all knew* you don't like being touched. And especially
*she* should know! But no... Oh why can't they let you alone as you
wish?" he murmured below voice.

With a last look on the bio-scanner he turned round. There was some
work waiting for him in his office. And from there he also could have
a look on this man.
>Then why do I want to stay right here?< he asked himself. >Coward!
At least, you should be honest with yourself,< he ordered himself the
next second.

Suddenly a slow voice let him freeze.

"Thank you."

"You don't sleep." In a moment he was at the man's bed. Dark eyes
fixed him and he covered his concern with the professional expression
of a doctor. Yes, he was very good at that. Almost as good as the
Vulcan lying in the bed.

"That is obvious." Spock answered low.

"I thought you still are in a healing trance?"

"No longer any more. Nurse Chapel woke me up."

McCoy gritted his teeth. Then he sighed. "I'm sorry for that."
And after a small pause: "You must be thirsty. Do you want some

"Yes, please."

McCoy went to fetch a glass of water, turned back and then hesitate.

"What is it?" A curious eyebrow went up.

"Err... do you mind if I touch you in order to help you drinking?"

"You never asked that before." The second brow joined the first.

"You never was as vulnerable as now before," McCoy shoot back before
thinking. His voice louder than necessary.

"You mustn't shout. My ears aren't injured," stated Spock.

"Oh shut up!" McCoy turned round, not able to face the calm Vulcan in
this very moment. There was a knot in his stomach he didn't know
where it comes from. And that irritated him more than he could stand.
And he was upset, because Spock didn't stop quarreling even when he
was injured and he was relieved the same time because of exact the
same reason. This time, when he had beamed down to fix up the injured
landing party, he thought he'll never have the chance to quarrel with
him again!

Spock waited patiently. Never before McCoy acted in such a strange
manner. But he was sure there must be a reason for it.
>Well...in the next 3.6 days there will be time enough to find out
about that. I'm sure he wont release me before that time from
Minutes went by and when the doctor didn't turn again, Spock decided
that it was time to change the matter.

"Captain Kirk, is he....?"

"He's back on duty again," McCoy snapped and than finally turned
round. His eyes burning in a way Spock never had seen before.

"He's back on duty with no injures worse than scratches and you..."
His voice almost died and he cleared his throat.

His eyes met Spock's. "Why do you always have to rescue his damned
He didn't wait for a reply.
"He always plays the galactic hero. And he know very well he can do
that, because there is his First Officer right behind him. Why,
Spock? Why do you always rescue him? Look at you now," he
shouted. "He is on his beloved bridge while you are laying here so
badly injured it took me hours to clean and close your wounds. Why
Spock, why?"

"He is the captain," Spock stated in a calm voice.

"Yes, the captain." A thought hit McCoy and he stared at the Vulcan
as if trying to read his mind alone from watching him. He must know.

"I know he is your friend, but is he more to you?"

"No," the Vulcan answered at once.

McCoy sighed and swayed from relief. He didn't even recognize he had
stirred that much.
His eyes fall upon the glass of water he still hold on.
"C'mon on, Spock. Drink some water." His mood had calmed down and he
just felt tired. Very tired.
Careful he lifted the Vulcan's head. Spock took a few sips, then
leaned back again.

Spock watched McCoy while he put the glass down on a shelf nearby. He
registered the exhausted look, the hanging shoulders and added the
odd behavior a moment ago. It took him only a second to came to a


The blue eyes met the Vulcan's gaze, astonished. "Yes?" he asked in a
husky voice.

"You've been injured, too."

"Yes, I am. But how do you know? Did you read my..."

"Not in fact, but enough to feel the ache of broken ribs when you
fixed me up on the planets surface."

McCoy bent down his neck. "Yes, but that doesn't matter."

"It does matter."
Spock waited a moment, then went on. "Why are you so angry about me
being injured?"

A strange reflection hushed over the humans face. Slowly he looked
up, met the dark eyes. Eyes full of concern and....
McCoy swallowed, then slowly he made the few steps to stand next to
the Vulcan's bed.

Spock shifted to create some space then patted on the bed
sheets. "You're tired and exhausted. Please, sit down."

McCoy hesitated. But with another look on the now open and clear face
of the Vulcan he sat down. What he could see there, what he could
read in those beautiful features left him breathless. Could it be?

"You never called me 'Leonard' before."

"No, I did not. And you never showed me before, how you truly feel."

McCoy stirred, once again. "How do you know?"

A small Vulcan half-smile softened the severe features. "Some things
can be read without a mind meld."
He lifted a hand, two fingers stretched out. And McCoy, too, lifted
his hand. Their fingers met for the first time and then, only moments
later, no more words where necessary when also their lips met.

~~ * ~~