With Immense Passion

With Immense Passion Spock's hands trembled as he awaited for his bondmate to be escorted to him. He was barely aware of Jim and Scotty watching from the side. All he could think about was Leonard and what had happened the last time they were on Vulcan. Spock took a deep breath and tried to steady himself. He could not allow himself to succumb to the green rage that was trying to overtake him. Leonard would not betray him. Leonard would not shame him in front of the clan as T'Pring had done. Leonard would not ask for the challenge. Spock heard the drums and chimes in the distance. He looked up and noticed that this time his parents had come. They were acknowledging him now after what had happened on route to the Babel conference. They were here to see him married. Sarak had even commended him on his choice for mate. "Dr. McCoy is an extraordinarily accomplished healer, one that any clan would welcome within their midst as clanmember." That thought made Spock remember Leonard once more. The tall, lean frame. The mischievous, intelligent blue eyes. That wonderful mouth. The long, elegant hands, with the mobile, quick, and efficient hands. The lean hips and long legs that were made to wrap...Spock hissed. Spock took another deep breath, controling himself fiercely. He must try to stay focused. He must not hurt his chosen one. He must not let his hunger for his bondmate overtake him. He must be as gentle as possible to his Leonard. Leonard was almost here. Almost here, and he will soon have his mate with him. Always and never touching and touched. Leonard's escort arrived at the meeting place. The same place T'Pring had come to, the first time they were on Vulcan. T'Pol carried on her chair by her closest kin. Leonard dressed in a short cloth kilt of the McCoy Scottish clan and a white silk shirt. He was glorious. He was handsome. He would be Spock's. Soon. ///Leonard/// `Okay Leonard, old boy, you can do this.' He was walking along with T'Pol and company, the chimes and drums going ahead to announce their arrival. His heart was racing, his hands sweaty, and his breathing irregular though he had taken tri-ox, all the classic signs of either panic or desire. It was both wrapped into one. Leonard knew that as soon as the ceremony was over Spock and he would go to a nearby tent that had been set up. There they would stay among medical supplies, food, water, and other things until Spock's Pon Farr was sated. Leonard knew that he loved Spock with all his being. Leonard trusted Spock with his life, his secrets, and his heart. The way his hands were shaking, the way he was sweating, and the way he wished he could run ahead of the crowd and tackle SpockLeonard took a deep breath. He must try to wait until he got to Spock. He must focus only on the moment and on sending soothing, welcoming, and loving thoughts towards his mate. Spock with his saturnine face, those elegant eyebrows, and those eyes that seemed to be endless. Those pointed ears that looked lickable. The long, strong frame, with arms that were made to hold him close and safe. The long legs, just right hips, and torso just made to wrap his legs around while Spock was inside himLeonard breathed deeply again. Centering himself the way Spock had taught him to. They were finally there, where Spock was waiting. Where they had gone to the first time they were on Vulcan. Spock in his uniform, trying to look proper, but managing only a severe control. A control that betrayed his hunger and his passion. Leonard could not look away from Spock. Spock was sensual, handsome, and the flame. Leonard was the cool desert breeze and must try to become the oasis. Leonard took one more deep breath as the ceremony began. ///Spock/// The ceremony was over and they had been escorted to their tent and left alone. No one would dare disturb them for the next few days. The tent was white, both outside and in and very spacious. It had a table, slightly elevated from the floor, a food storage compartment in between it and the soft double bed. Next to the bed was a gold vase with a cap on it, Spock knew that it held scented oil. The linens on the bed were durable, easy to clean, and there were several towels stacked nearby. The linens were emerald green, trimmed with gold. There was an erotic tapestry hanging on the eastern wall that copied the colors and was embroidered with scenes of Surak and his husband. Spock looked at Leonard in his outfit. Looking extremely handsome and somewhat nervous in the kilt. Leonard had told him that he would wear it to their Vulcan wedding partly to honor his heritage, and partly due to the convenience. Spock tentatively reached out with his mind to caress Leonard's thoughts. Leonard's mind was a deep ocean of need calling out to him. Spock walked over to Leonard, placed his hands on either side of the doctor's mouth and kissed him deeply. Thrusting his tongue inside that sweet mouth, feeling it's coolness, tasting his beloved. He stroked lightly down Leonard's throat and body until he came to the white shirt he was wearing. Then he could no longer control his need, he ripped the shirt off of Leonard, picked him up and threw him down onto the soft bed. The Vulcan tore off his clothes as quickly as possible and joined his mate who seemed to be trying to remove the kilt. Spock stilled those long hands, taking both in one hand and restraining them above Leonard's head. "No, the kilt stays ON!" He gasped, barely recognizing his voice. Fire blazed through his veins and his mind. He quickly lifted the cap of the vase, coated his fingers with oil that smelled vaguely like sandal wood and went to prepare his mate. Spock saw Leonard sprawled beneath him, positioned exactly as he had left him. Leonard's hands above his head, legs bent and spread wide, kilt hiked up erection tenting it, and hunger blazing in those blue eyes. The Vulcan quickly prepares his mate, stretching him with his fingers and helping him to relax the muscle. Once sure he would not harm his human he would enter him. Gasps and moans filled the tent as Spock pressed his erection to the prepared entrance. Slowly moving past the muscle, he allowed Leonard only a short moment to prepare himself, then thrust completely home in the next moment. He felt Leonard's mind briefly flicker in pain and regretted causing it. Then felt a soothing coolness sweep through him as Leonard caressed him. `Hush, it's okay Spock, love. I'm okay. Need you. Want you. Quench your fire within me.' Leonard's thoughts trickled through his mind like a brook. Flickering embers danced within Spock's mind as he started thrusting. Rejoicing in the tightness encasing him, the soothing presence of his mate's mind, and their finally being together. Completely entwined in mind and body, more than just lovers now. As he thrust over and over again into his mate, he caressed the glorious body. Hands and fingers roaming over Leonard's chest, then he grasped the hips, kissed Leonard hungrily, and moved within his mate. The southerner's scent was everywhere, his hips rising to meet him, those glorious legs wrapped around his body, and his hands soothing him. Trailing constantly over his body, gently caressing over his nipples, over his shoulders, and around his back. Those surgeon's hands never still, keeping the fire under control. Making sure it would not consume them both. Spock moved to the beat of a distant Vulcan drum, one that was only beating within his and Leonard's minds. Hips swaying, adjusting his angle until Leonard's mind showered with joy. Hitting that spot within his love as often as possible, Spock thrust over and over. Leonard meeting his movements. Spock reached to wrap his hand around Leonard's rock hard erection, then stroked it in time to his thrusts. Reaching out with his mind to hold his love on the edge, needing to stay there, needing to feel the heat of the fire and taste the cool sweet water of Leonard's mind as long as possible. They moved with each other, feeling each other everywhere, and suddenly the fire blazed out of control, a tidal wave meeting it, the heat searing them just a moment before the water swamped through them. Spock felt Leonard constrict around him and come, spraying them both with his seed. As Spock released himself in his mate, moving within him a few last times. As they gasped together, Spock felt himself soften and withdrew from his mate. Hearing the soft protest. He quickly removed Leonard's kilt, soothing him as much as possible. Soon a storm seemed to be gathering in his doctor's eyes. Leonard's thoughts swept through him, lightning crackled between them as Leonard reached out to him drawing him underneath him. Leonard slowly caressed him. Kissing him on his forehead, licking slowly over his eyebrows, and then going to flicker his tongue over the point of his right ear. Distant thunder was heard in both of their minds as the doctor recovered. Spock lay underneath him rejoicing in the coming storm. Spock gasped as Leonard's hands traced over his chest. Gently caressing him one hand reaching to a pulse point while another lay flat on his chest. Leonard smiled down at him just before kissing him languidly. Slowly devouring him as flashes of light sparkled behind Spock's eyes. Leonard was touching him everywhere, hands and fingers moving slowly over his chest and abdomen. Thoughts reaching out to wrap him within Leonard's mine. Souls entwining around each other. Spock soaked in the cool presence, felt the essence of the doctor's healing presence as Leonard started to carefully prepare him. Spock watched as Leonard coated his erection thoroughly and made sure the fingers on his right hand were slick. Leonard soothed him with his left hand as a finger from the right circled his anus. Getting so very close, teasing him with the barely there presence. Their first coupling had eased his voracious hunger and now he could savor this time. One finger slowly pressed inside him, Spock felt it swirling and going deeper. Joined by another, stretching him in stages. The thunder of their heartbeats echoing in their ears. Soon Leonard had three fingers massaging his inner passage. Fingers that had immediately flicked over his prostate, making lightning dance through him. He moaned, "Please, Leonard, t'hy'la. Please." For a moment there was emptiness as Leonard's fingers left him, then the glorious feel of hardness sliding into him. Slowly, allowing him to adjust to the presence as the lightning grew closer. Once he was fully inside, Leonard kissed him deeply; Spock could feel the awe in Leonard's mind. Could feel as the doctor stroked him with his mind, cherishing him. Thunder drew closer, as Leonard started to thrust in him. Each touch sparking between them, each kiss a flash of light. Leonard moved within him. Spock could feel him deep inside and wrapped his legs around his mate's waist. They swayed together, riding the waves that had picked up with the storm. Spock growled softly as Leonard licked down his throat leaving love bites on the side of his neck. Marking him as his own, claiming him. Spock felt his love change the angle of his thrusting and his back arched with the glory. Flashes of light, booming of drums, waves of need, and love connected them. Spock felt Leonard taking a firm hold of his hips and start to pound within him. So strong, moving within him. Hitting that spot again as light flashed and drums boomed at the same time. Sweeping them both away in a climax that sealed them together. Spock drew out the waves as much as he could. Moving underneath his love. Then welcomed his Leonard into his arms. Letting him rest. They would be able to clean each other now, wash away the residue of their lovemaking, and change the linens on the bed. Then they might be able to get in a meal before the hunger built again. For now Leonard gasped within his arms, catching his breath, and Spock soaked in the love he felt from his husband. Glad he had found this man. "I wonder if later we can just feed each other and then lick each other clean." Leonard murmured. "I'm sure that can be arranged." Spock said. Once Spock had recovered a bit and he and Leonard had eaten, he brought some sliced fruit and a sweet sauce to the side of the bed. "So Spock, is that my dessert?" Leonard smirked. "No it is mine." Spock replied, "yours is various flavors of chocolate body paint and will wait. I doubt I can control my hunger for much longer." Leonard smiled up at him, he definitely did not look upset at having to wait for dessert. The doctor sprawled on the sheets, face up. "Turn over, I wish to use the slight hollow of your back as a bowl." Spock growled his command. He saw Leonard turn quickly, complying with him. The Vulcan knew the only reason he had not received an argument was likely due to the fact Leonard could feel the rising need within Spock's mind. He placed the mixed fruit piece by piece into the hollow then poured some of the dip over it and then in thin lines over his love's shoulder blades, down the spine until he got to the hollow. He then started lapping at the thick sauce, starting at the shoulder's, with long, slow strokes of his tongue. Tracing the shoulder blades, nibbling softly at the edge of the spine. Thoroughly licking at the back until all he tasted was Leonard. He nibbled at the fruit, taking his time, savoring it's juices, the sweetness of the fruit combining with the taste of Leonard's sweat. Holding Leonard's hips firmly as he did so, making it impossible for the human to thrust. He did not want any of the fruit to be dislodged. First a slice of apple, then an orange, then a Vulcan pear, each time taking a taste of a new fruit, until there was only a sole grape left. Spock contemplated the one piece of fruit left before he could move to Leonard's buttocks. Then slowly rolled it with his tongue up and down the spine, hearing his mate's pleas. He nipped lightly at Leonard's right cheek to gather some of the sauce that had strayed there, then finally caught the grape with his mouth and ate it. He licked Leonard's skin, cleaning it, tasting his mate. He then proceeded to stretch the entrance again, taking care to do a thorough job. He then lay so that he and the human were touching chest against back, his thighs separating Leonard's, then used one hand to guide his erection. Sudden need swept through him and he took Leonard in one stoke, fully within that tightness, and started thrusting in short, hard movements. /Leonard/ Spock suddenly thrust completely within me, touching me so deep. Moving within me so fast. He was everywhere, touching me everywhere, linking our hands together and his thoughts focused solely on me. His harsh cries in Vulcan, "T'hy'la," and others reaching my ear, echoing in my mind as "mine, treasure, beautiful, oasis." Again and again he thrust in me, hitting my prostate. His need trailing fire along all my nerves, as I met each thrust. Letting his need blow through us. I was on fire. I was the desert wind. I was the hot sun. And the cold barren gaze of Vulcan's sister planet. I was the oasis. I was the endless desert. I was the mountain. I was the valley. I was everything. I sent my thoughts to Spock, sharing the glory and the joy. We moved with each other, him so deep inside. Each moment drawn out, altered in some way by a Vulcan mind technique so each thrust seemed to move through eternity and a moment. We were the only two to exist at the moment. Our movements the only thing that mattered. I felt Spock's hands bracing my hips as he thrust even harder. Pounding into me, making me his. He sucked where my neck met my shoulder on either side, marking me. He bit lightly at the nerve pinch point and I came becoming a burst of light. His mind reflected that light back to me, making me feel the glory again and again. Till I felt him coming inside me and the light faded to black. Leonard came to slowly and noticed the chocolate flavored body paint already laid out by the bed. His love must really be in need of him if he had set everything up in the few short minutes he had been asleep. At least he hoped he had only been out a short time, a long period of unconsciousness could indicate "Leonard, though it's only been 2.375 minutes, I would like to build up the desire slowly again. If we can manage to have it so that we appease the hunger through the slow build up we will be able to ensure as little damage to our bodies as possible." Spock said. Leonard snorted softly, translation I don't want to hurt you, it'd break my heart. "Okay you, get that luscious body lyin' with your back on the bed pronto, Mister." He teased with his patented, `get a rise of an eyebrow' tone that always worked when they `debated' on ship. "Yes doctor." Spock murmured, in a tone that was slightly sarcastic. Not enough for Len to call him on it and point out the emotionalism, but enough to always get a rise from him. Though something entirely different from an eyebrow would rise. Once Spock was lying face up on the bed, slight smirk on his face, Leonard contemplated both his canvas and his choice of paints. Now should he use the brushes or work with his fingers. Both had their advantages, the brushes could torment Spock with barely there caressing or feel like a tongue licking along the body depending on how strong the pressure. And the fingers, well the advantages to those were that the doctor would be able to feel that warm, soft skin that covered those strong muscles. Well it was no contest really; Leonard knew how he'd begin with this perfect canvas. He chose a gold colored paint and dipped one finger into it. He drew a line from Spock's right collarbone to his right nipple, taking care to add a bit more paint around it and on it. Then did the same with the left side. Leonard then chose a mint flavored green paint and drew a Valentine heart over Spock's heart, earning himself a raised eyebrow. It was too tempting to resist; using a white chocolate paint he traced the eyebrow and then used the paint to splatter Spock's abdomen. He then started to lick his husband clean. Starting at the eyebrows he ran his tongue slowly across the top. Tasting the white chocolate flavor. He savored the taste licking again and again above the eyebrows. Leonard then moved to clean the gold paint from Spock's collarbones and nipples, the gold tasted and smelled like Café Mocha. So delicious when a bit of Spock was added. First licking the lines from collarbone to just above the nipple in turn. Nibbling at the lines and sucking right at the collarbone to leave hickeys. Getting ever closer to the nipples but not touching them with either tongue or fingers. Hands holding Spock's body in place so as to prevent him from thrusting upwards. Mint, mocha, and white chocolate scents overlay their own, filling the air. Flirting with his nose. Spock's gasps and moans were like music, a counterpoint to the beatings of their hearts. Leonard started to suck on his husband's right nipple, pausing ever now and then to flick his tongue across it. Causing his Vulcan to writhe in need underneath him. Then moving to the left to give the same treatment to that nipple, while pinching and caressing the right with his hand. Finally moving to clean the white chocolate splatters and the green mint heart. Taking his time, savoring the moment, and driving both himself and Spock wild. "Please, t'hy'la!" Spock gasped. Leonard decided to show mercy towards Spock. He hastily coated both his own and the Vulcan's erection in dark chocolate, he adjusted his position so they would be in a classic 69. This time he wanted to please his mate with mouth, tongue and hands alone. Leonard took the head of Spock's impressive erection in his mouth and gasped around it as his mate took all of his own need in his mouth in one move. Leonard focused on the head licking across it and underneath the top of the head at first. Then sucking lightly on it. Leonard felt the hot moistness of Spock's mouth around him, felt him swallowing around him and grew desperate. He took more of his mate's need in his mouth, slowly advancing and retreating. The slightly salty taste of pre-come mixing with the chocolate. He cupped the Vulcan equivalent of balls in his right hand and gently squeezed and rolled them. Using his other hand to hold onto Spock's hip, controlling the thrusting so as not to choke. Oh god, Spock was starting to murmur and do that massaging throat action. Leonard sped up his efforts in response. Moving his right hand to slowly insert two fingers into Spock and move unerringly to the prostate. There was only a hint of chocolate now, though the scent of it was everywhere. He moved his mouth up and down in time to Spock's movements on himself. In perfect sync with his mate. The tension rose in waves, filling his mind and soul. Moving towards climax with Spock. Doing what he could to hold his own off until they could come together. Reaching towards his mate with his mind, achieving a mind link. They swirled together in a blaze of light and surged towards each other. Tasting Spock's semen as it flowed into him, knowing that Spock tasted his own at the same time, Leonard made sure to thoroughly clean his mate. Once he had done so Spock gathered him up in those arms of his and lay him so his head was on a pillow. Spooning up behind him and wrapping those arms around him, they fell asleep. The next morning when they awoke the savage need of Pon Farr was over. Thankfully any time Leonard felt desire and wanted to act on it Spock would be able to feel desire as well. Though Pon Farr would increase the need, it was not the only time Vulcans could indulge. To end their time in seclusion they now needed to participate in a `mind dance'. Celebrating their union, rejoicing in the fact that they had been in the fire and survived. Spock turned to him with two fingers raised in the traditional greeting of a husband towards his mate. Leonard touched his own fingers to them and suddenly was wrapped within Spock's thoughts. He saw in his mind Spock dressed in a traditional Vulcan robe. Saw through Spock's eyes for a moment, he was dressed in charcoal grey pants, blue silk shirt, and a gold light that had the feeling of awe, joy, and love. As if he, Leonard, were the most precious thing in the universe. ~ Spock stood within the mind plain, one hand extended towards his husband. Leonard took the hand and they heard far off music. Vulcan harp, Dixieland Jazz, and the echoes of their souls. Stepping forward in time to the music, once, twice and then circling around each other. Ending up so Leonard was facing Spock. Touching only at the hand they started a waltz like movement. Moving with each other, gazing deeply in the others eyes. Changing the grip of their hands so Leonard's right palm touched Spock's left, fingers twining together. Their bond glowing around them, swirling colors around them. As if bands of thread weaving them together. Their hearts sounding like drumbeats, they started a tango. Moving quickly with each other, minds stepping nimbly around each other. Hips swaying in time, brushing their bodies together, their commitment to each other singing along their bond. They danced moving within their minds. A crescendo reached their ears as they twirled together. The sound swept through them, lifting them up. Tying their souls together so they would always be a part of each other for the rest of their lives. Their souls welded together, making them one. They slowly separated from each other, the music faded, and they stepped out of the dance. ~ Leonard blinked and saw he was sitting across from Spock fingers still touching each other. "That was amazing," he whispered, "I'm glad we're one now." "We will always be able to communicate telepathically now. We will remain separate in personality, however." Spock explained. "We will be connected until death separates us." "Sounds good to me. So do we go back to your parents' now?" Leonard asked. "First we take a sonic shower and dress. I doubt my parents would appreciate us showing up naked." Spock teased.