Your Absence Looms

Title: Your Absence Looms

Author: Shoshana

Description: Petrarchan sonnet

Summary: In the immediate wake of his bondmate’s

death, Spock mourns McCoy.

Rating: G

Dedication: In memory of Jeff

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek. Not a molecule,

atom, quark or vibrating string of it.





Detritus of your life lurks everywhere:

Neat soldier rows of pills, bottles in place,  

Fought age and illness, slayers of youth’s grace.

A favored sweater, musty and threadbare,

Lies draped across a stained upholstered chair,

Refuge of aching hours.  You lost the race

To write and publish one remaining case  

Report; I found, with tapes, a silvered hair.

Your absence looms, a shadow cold and vast.

Emptiness fills my world, a void as wide

As starless deep space.  Grief pervades my mind;     

Memory burns, unquenched by tears; our past,

Alone, I see.  With you, my logic died:  

Leonard, nowhere – everywhere – you I find.



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