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Now to explain the theme for Issue XIX in greater detail. The story/artwork/vid contents are up to the author, but the stories/artwork/videos must share their titles with songs written or sung either by Simon and Garfunkel the duo or by Paul Simon as a solo artist.
Feel free to call me insane, but this theme has a lot of potential. Here are some examples, but there is no need to be confined to these:
  • Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover - About either the end of the Five Year Mission and Spock's trip to Gol, about Spock's death in TWOK, about McCoy's choice to leave for Yonada during FTWISAIHTTS, or an unrelated breakup.
  • Father and Daughter  - a story about Spock and Saavik, or Len and Joanna, or about other children they might have.
  • Kodachrome - about Spock recovering his vision in Operation: Annihilate! or as an ode to twenty-third century technology, or about the hippe planet in The Way to Eden.
  • My Little Town - about McCoy growing up in Georgia, or Spock growing up on Vulcan, or about life on a starship.
  • Only Living Boy in New York - about City on the Edge of Forever.
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water - about the Spock/McCoy relationship, and how they're always there for one another.
  • The Boxer - Spock's first days on the ship, or away from Vulcan.
  • Homeward Bound - This could fit almost anything, but particularly the story arc from The Search for Spock or the Voyage Home.

Anyway, nobody is under any obligation to choose those song titles or those plots if they choose those song titles. By no means is that list exhaustive. I'm simply trying to demonstrate that as bizarre as this theme is, there's potential here.

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On the site of the next issue, there will be a running claim's list. As Editor, I'm claiming "You Can Call Me Al" right now. I'll also be dishing out challenges for this one, so if you don't have a song in mind but want in, just give me a holler.