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Due to the popularity and success of our Simon and Garfunkel themed issue, we are taking a similar route for Issue XXVII.
To explain the theme for Issue XXVII in greater detail. The story/poetry/artwork/vid contents are up to the author, but the stories/artwork/videos must share their titles with songs appearing in Broadway musicals, or off-Broadway musicals, or the movie adaptations of such. There should be more than enough without expanding this to include opera or operetta, so we'll stick with the parameters as set. They need not share a title with the show itself, unless the show shares a title with a song (e.g. Oklahoma! has a song Oklahoma, but Westside Story doesn't have a song Westside Story.)
I'm not sure if anyone called me insane last time, but it was a raging success and again, this has been by request. So have at it.
Here is a list of Broadway musicals which should also have songs listed on the individual pages:
Claims can be sent to me if you want to stake a claim, and I will compile a list. Claiming is not necessary.
Also, stories need not be song fics. They can be, if you want, but this is not a requirement.
And, I want to remind everyone that Paul Simon had/has a musical called "The Capeman" if anyone wants to use a song from there to bridge the gap between the last time we did this and this next issue.
And I am personally interested in someone using "They Call the Wind Mariah," (Paint Your Wagon)"Send in the Clowns," (A Little Night Music) and "Not While I'm Around" (Sweeney Todd) but the sky is the limit.