The Spock/McCoyote's Den
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Assorted S/Mc Challenges

Challenge of the Month: Halloween stories and artwork! Halloween is less than a full month away, and the Spock/McCoyote's Den wants to celebrate it in style. How do Spock and McCoy celebrate Halloween?
That's for you to answer. Write Halloween stories and draw Halloween pictures. We'll put them up all month-long!

Assorted Coyote Challenges:

Nautika - "I'd like to see a story from McCoy's point of view about how he deals with having to medically treat people that he's close to with severe
Nautika - One is a reunion of some kind - like a reunion of Spock and/or McCoy's academy class and how people have changed (or not) and how do they react to S/Mc as a couple.
Nautika - Write a story that deals with "No one wants to grow up to be a
homosexual." Is that a valid statement in their time? How did they each come to terms with it?
K. V. Wylie - "I would like to see a story, please, in which some otherwise innocuous object has a special, sexual / sensual meaning to Spock or McCoy, and the challenge is to write the back story. The object can't be something obvious like a candle or a carrot or English cucumber. Possibilities are a music box or a serving bowl, a fridge magnet or a staircase banister, something routine that would be seen almost anywhere and doesn't otherwise have a sexual connotation to it."

Tempest's S/Mc Challenges:

Write an S/Mc in which Spock and McCoy are lovers and Kirk finds out about their relationship.

Write an S/Mc where they are in a S&M relationship. The dom does not matter.

Write an S/Mc that explains that scene in Mirror Mirror (not like Greywolf's "The Other One," but a story in which Spock actually takes McCoy)

Write an S/Mc using hypnosis as a theme.

Write an S/Mc where either Spock or McCoy dies.

Write an S/Mc that deals with the fal-tor-pan, and how either McCoy or Spock, or both reacted to it.
Write an S/Mc where Spock reacts to McCoy coming home drunk. (Drunken Len Challenge)
Write an S/Mc about the episode Catspaw or Halloween in general (Catspaw Challenge)
Write an S/Mc involving either holidays from the winter season, such as Chanukah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve or even Winter Solstace; simply the season winter in general, with the snow, the cocoa, the warm fire, and maybe even something about mistletoe. (Winter Challenge)
Write an S/Mc wherein the boys celebrate Valentine's Day or have a Valentine's Day celebration where everything can and does go wrong. (Valentine's Challenge)
Write an S/Mc which involves Spock, somehow, getting the idea that the Leap year is a day for intimacy, leaping on or jumping one's lover, because somebody, somewhere, at some time, joked about this and convinced Spock it was true. And then Spock acts on this. (Leap Day Challenge)

Write an S/Mc about Saint Patrick's Day in the 23rd Century.
Write an S/Mc where the boys celebrate, in some way, Mother's Day. Considering the familial relations they have, there are many possibilities.
Write an S/Mc where the boys celebrate Father's Day. The relationships of father and son, or father with one of the boys playing Dad, could be very interesting.
Write an S/Mc where the boys celebrate Friday the Thirteenth or have a story about superstitions. (Friday the 13th Challenge)