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Links or Other Really Groovy Places Where One Can Find S/Mc Fiction

Who doesn't like links to other Trek slash pages? Hmm? I can't think of anybody so I decided to put in a Link page. In the following pages, you will discover a lot more S/Mc fiction.

A Basic Page of My Stories

Here resides some of K.V. Wylie's stories, including Spock/McCoy. Hopefully she will add more as time goes by.

Acidqueen's Site for Fanfiction

Here resides Acidqueen's S/Mc stories, as well as her other Star Trek stories and link lists.

Ainzfern Slash Fiction

Praise the Great Bird! Ainzfern has her own site! My linking problems are solved! I, this is Ainzfern's site and has all of her stories, all of them, mostly G/B, but it also has her Bonded Souls Series, all of them!!!

Amphioxous Obnoxious's Spock/McCoy Page

It delivers what it promises. A few stories, all S/Mc, can by found here, written by the strange and mysterious, and very pokable, Amphioxous Obnoxious, hell of a name, that.

Angie's Den of Fan-Fiction and Smut

Here you will find most of Angie Tallahassee's fanfiction.

ASC Archive

The largest archive of Star Trek fanfiction on the Internet. You can find a lot of S/Mc stories here.

Bajor's Wings

This is where you can find all of Jazz Man's S/Mc stories along with her other fanfiction.

Cait's Endless Trek

Here are all of Cait's stories, not a lot of S/Mc, but there is a little, and the stories are quite good.

Carnall Enterprises, UnLtd

Here you'll find all of Jane Carnall's absolutely wonderful fiction. Most of it was previously published in zines, some of it's new and only found online. She has a very healthy number of S/Mc and McCoy stories in general, with some assorted Spock stories, in the TOS fandom, as well as others.

Cheyenne Dancer's Desert Bordello

Here you can find all of Cheyenne Dancer's fanfiction.

The Cub's Side of the Mountain

Also known as the All-Ages Spock/McCoy Online Archive. Stories, poems, and pictures, all rated G through PG-13. Fun, fun, fun for everyone!

Djinn's Lair

Djinn doesn't write a lot of S/Mc, but she has written one and since she seems to like writing Kirk with Chapel, I figure I might be able to weedle another one out of her.

Drawings By Mina

Mina is an artist. She draws a great number of Star Trek pictures, some of which are S/Mc. She has quite a few featured on the story page, actually.

Drusilla Dax's Third Haven

Here you can find all of Drusilla Dax's S/Mc stories, as well as her many other stories in different fandoms.

The Echosphere

Echosphere is a coyote who makes hilarious Star Trek inspirational posters and icons for all moods. You can also find her U2 fandom here.

The Fishy Ground

This is a collection of all of T'Bitch's slash stories, S/Mc as well as other fandoms.

Karmen Ghia's Stories

Herein you'll find Karmen Ghia's epic S/Mc slash story "After the Rescue," as well as all of her other slash stories.

Lady Angel's Den of Debauchery

This is Angel's site. She writes in many fandoms, Star Wars being her first love. But with my magic touch, and persuasive (read, threatening) language, she has begun to write S/Mc. BWA HA HA HA HA! I win again, my evil genius.

Loonywoif's Woods

This is Loonywoif's home. There is a lot of fanfiction here, even though there is only one S/Mc story. She is also responsible for my TOS Missing Scene Project, so check out her Enterprise Missing Scene Series to see where I got my ideas.

Lyra's Variations

Here you can find all of Lyrastar's stories, which include K/S, K/Mc, S/Mc, and K/S/Mc combinations. There's also Holmes/Watson and an extensive linklist.

Marcee's Millennial Mansion

If you enter this site, beware, you may find yourelf loving Chekov stories. Herein one can find all of Marcee's stories, which happen to be mostly Chekov-oriented, but her S/Mc is hot!

The Mint Julep Inn

This is the Leonard McCoy Story Directory and Archive. Every story has McCoy in it. It is dedicated to the good doctor ergo, the stories include him. Many of them are S/Mc.

Nautika's Star Trek Fiction

Herein you will find all of the stories penned by Nautika.

Nemo the Everbeing's Fanfiction

Herein you'll find all of the S/Mc stories penned by Nemo the Everbeing. Brought to you by

Nikita's Fanfic

This is the home of Nikita and all of her fanfiction.

The Pon Farr Online Festival

This is exactly what is sounds like. A fest devoted entirely to the Vulcan ailment of pon farr. Now if this can't inspire S/Mc stories, I give up.

The Scarlet Zone

Here you will find the rest of Scarlet's fanfiction.

Slash Go Round: The Seven Year Itch

This is an ongoing Round Robin on the Slash Go Round site. As of now, Spock is in pon farr, he is in McCoy's quarters trying to create a link, and McCoy is resisting, but trapped. I urge you all to contribute a portion to make this as slashy as possible.

Slash With Zest

All of K'Chap's stories can be found here. She mostly writes Wild Wild West and K/S or K/S/Mc stories, but she's working on an S/Mc right now that'll be to die for, trust me.

The Society for Slash Diversity and the Committee of Chekov Obsessives Comparing Historical and New Narratives in Ensign Literature

Okay, so this is mainly a Chekov site, I know. But there are also some nice S/Mc stories located here.

Sorlak's Realm

This is Sorlak's personal website. Here can be found her stories, mostly S/Mc, and her picutres, all S/Mc thus far.

Spiced Peaches

The first, ever, S/Mc zine, in online e-zine form. That's right, an e-zine dedicated solely to S/Mc. The first issue was publsihed on April 1, 2005, and the next one is slated to be published around the time of July 1, 2005. Contributions are always welcome.

Spock/McCoy Haven

This is the official website of the S/Mc Yahoo group Fest: Spock/McCoy Haven. All stories submitted for the waves can be found here.

Subscribe to Spock/McCoy Haven

This is the yahoo group I created that is dedicated to S/Mc. Here you will find a lot of Coyotes who love this pairing and a lot of really good stories involving these two men. The First Wave is done. The Second Wave is done. The Third Wave is done. The Fourth Wave is done. The Fifth Wave is done. The Sixth Wave is done. The Seventh Wave is done. The Eighth Wave is done. The Ninth Wave is done. The Tenth Wave is done. The Eleventh Wave is due 0502.14. The rules are few and simple: No Kirk, no pity sex, must be about S/Mc, and writing is not mandatory.

Star Trek Parodies

These may well be the most hilarious episode parodies ever made. Screen caps with dialogue and commentary text beneath. Plenty of slashy and sexual implications, even some S/Mc. And the non-S/Mc Spock and McCoy interactions are plenty weird. (See scene in Operation Annihilate!)

The Stories of Kelthammer

Here you can find many of Kelthammer's (Read: Marcy's) stories. These are mostly het and gen, but don't worry, I've got the slash ones linked up just fine. Go read! Her stuff is more professional than pro-novels.

Submit Your Slash

This site is a place where slashers can post their stories. And its S/Mc index has become my personal archive, because nobody else posts there, except me. So you can find my stories there. And if you want to post your S/Mc stories there, please do.

Suicide Telegrams

All of SarahMc's stories can be found here. She writes in a number of different fandoms, but she's a big S/Mc fan, so it's all good.

Sweet Sorcery

This is Deanna's website, where you can find her Star Trek slash stories, as well as her stories in many other fandoms.

Tempest's Caves

A site dedicated to my own works of fiction. There's nothing too fancy, but the caves themselves are beautifully crafted.

T'Lin's Fanfic Page

Here, you will find the all of T'Lin's fanfiction, including the rest of the Early Trek Series.


Farfalla from K/S started this up and made me a co-moderator. It's a list for All-Ages TOS slash. With me there, it ensures that there will be plenty of S/Mc. So, if this interests you, please check it out and join.
Don't worry, Spock/McCoy Haven's still working fine.

The TOS Stories of Ster Julie

Here you can find all of Ster Julie's many TOS stories, S/Mc, gen, and other pairings.

The TOS Twins and Friends

Here live Lady Charena and T'Len, and all of their wonderful stories. And now there is S/Mc in addition to the K/S.

T'Sihek's Story World

Here you can find all of T'Sihek's fanfiction, S/Mc, and otherwise.

T'Thrill's Den of Trek Delight

Here, dwells all of T'Thrill's S/Mc stories, as well as all of her other TOS fanfiction.

Venus Kaio

This is Venus Kaio's website, where you can find her S/Mc vids, as well as vids for other pairings and fandoms, her great variety of artwork, and other wonderful fan material.

Vulcan Shadows

A site dedicated to the dark side of Vulcans. It can be an interesting premise to try to apply to S/Mc. And fun, too.

World as I Know Them

All of Lizbeth's stories can be found here. She writes mostly in other fandoms, but her stuff is really great. Read around.