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Submission Guidelines
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If this e-zine is a success, you can expect more issues in the future. Check back here for updates.

The following are acceptable contributions to Spiced Peaches:
  1. Stories
  2. Poetry
  3. Drabbles
  4. Filks
  5. Artwork
  6. Poser artwork
  7. Photo Manipulations
  8. S/Mc essays
  9. Multi-chapter works in Progress will only be accepted if there is a guarantee that they will be completed by the next issue.
  10. Recommendations for future themes for the e-zine.

Rules and Regulations:
  1. All submissions should be sent to Tempest, at PlatoHomer2@aol.com.
  2. Do not post submissions anywhere before the issue of Spiced Peaches is published.
  3. All contributions will be held exclusive to Spiced Peaches for the duration of one month. No more, no less. Eastern Standard Time.
  4. All stories must pertain to Spock/McCoy. Pairings between other characters are acceptable, as long as they're marked. Tempest reserves the right to turn down a story based on pairing interpretation.
  5. To hell with the MPAA/MPA. What this means is that the ratings system is still G through NC-17. Stories of any rating are acceptable.
  6. A note on ratings: Stories with sex become R or NC-17, no excuses. Ratings will be changed to reflect content if mislabeled.
  7. Stories do not have romantic or sexual in nature. Extreme friendship stories are certainly acceptable, as long as other pairings don't exist in the story. However, romantic/sexual relationships are highly encouraged.
  8. Almost all content in stories is acceptable, within reasonable perameters. However, Tempest reserves the refuse a contribution due to content. And please, use warnings for anything even slightly off vanilla.
  9. Please use warnings for AU, MU, Character death and anything else in general that you as a reader would like to know before beginning a story.
  10. Stories will be given a poofread by Tempest before posting to the e-zine, however, do not let this be a substitute for a regular beta.
  11. Stories and all other written forms of S/Mc can be sent as Microsoft Word documents, text documents, HTML documents, or simply in the body of an email. Do not use Microsoft Works, the file will not be readable.
  12. Artwork can be sent in jpeg or bitmap format.
  13. Please remember to put a header on your written contribution, including (Title, Author, Rating, Disclaimers, and warnings. Summaries are appreciated but not mandatory). If you do not include a header, Tempest will make one, but would prefer to not have to.