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Editor's Wishlist
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Perhaps one of the ideas on this page will provide inspiration for future submissions to the e-zine. They're things that the editor would like to see, a wishlist, if you will.

  1. Stories with mind control or hypnosis.
  2. Stories with time travel
  3. Stories involving family dynamics of either Spock or McCoy's family.
  4. Marriage stories.


Times and Settings:

  1. Stories taking place between TMP and TWOK.
  2. Stories taking place in the Mirror Universe.
  3. Stories taking place during the time frame of The Tholian Web.
  4. Stories taking place after the retirement implied in The Undiscovered Country.


Other Ideas:

  1. Single Person POV stories from either Spock or McCoy's POV.
  2. Pre-relationship stories.
  3. A story written backward, in the stytle of "Memento."