Spiced Peaches V


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After the Credits: For the World is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky

By Ster Julie

Father's Day

By Ster Julie

From Gol, with Love

By Artemis
Warning: Transsexuality

If Only

By Tempest

M'Benga Said

By Artemis


By Ster Julie

Mother Goose Filks

By Artemis

Nautika's Poetry

By Nautika

Shore Leave Fantasy

By Scap3goat


By Artemis

Too Close to Touch

By Scap3goat

Two Faces One Hate

By K'Chaps
Warning: BDSM, Nonconsensuality in both the BDSM and in sexual acts, rape themes, language, humilitation, violence, torture, xenophobia, and Mirror Universe. Contains heterosexual pairings and homosexual pairings beyond S/Mc.

Two Men and a Baby

By T'Sihek