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The Spock/McCoyote's Den

October 11, 2006: Two new challenges have been added to the challenge page. Go forth for inspiration!
October 2, 2006: The Den has had a semi-massive overhaul. Old pages have been torn down; new pages have replaced them. Photos, due to limited bandwith, have been removed. Most of us have seen Star Trek enough times to know what scenes looked like. However, there is now a seperate place for artwork, and there's a lot of it. Behold the slashy visual goodness. There's also another page for vids and other more complex visual/audio media formats, which are computer/Internet specific.
The link list has been revised, but it's also far from complete. So if you need an author website, see if we have it.  If we don't have a link, and you'd like to recommend a website, a story, or a picture, send an email to PlatoHomer2@aol.com
New challenges have been posted to the challenge site, but it's a work in progress. We are accepting challenges for the page!!!!
If you'd like to make a challenge, please send an email to the aforementioned email address. If you'd like to answer a challenge, please go ahead. Then send it to one of the S/Mc posting places and it will end up on this website.
The contact page has changed slightly. It's more entertaining. And this front page will be updated regularly for messages, as a sort of sub-space bulletin board.
There are also, now, 576, count them, 576 S/Mc stories on this website. That's amazing!!! Let us all have a moment of awed silence in honor of the authors who've helped with this achievement.

Welcome to the Spock/McCoyote's Den!
Q. What is the Spock/McCoyote's Den?
A. The Spock/McCoyote's Den is an archive for all things of interest to Spock/McCoyotes.
Q. What's a Spock/McCoyote?
A. A Spock/McCoyote is a fan of Spock/McCoy slash. That is, slash between Mr. Spock and Doctor McCoy from Star Trek: The Original Series.
Q. Spock/McCoy slash? That's awful! I'm A) A slasher of a different pairing or B) Not a fan of slash.
A. Then this isn't the place for you. Feel free to go to this website: http://www.startrek.com
Q. Spock/McCoy slash? That's wonderful! But...I'm younger than seventeen-years-old.
A. Then this isn't the place for you, either. Please go to this website for your Spock/McCoy fix: http://trekslasher.tripod.com When you turn seventeen, please come back!
Q. Is this site only stories?
A. No, the mission of this site is to have anything a Spock/McCoyote could want. That means stories and poetry, artwork, vids, links to other S/Mc-related sites, and challenges to create more S/Mc material.
Q. There's something I want but I don't see it here!
A. Email Tempest at PlatoHomer2@aol.com with whatever you want to see here. She'll be happy to add it!

Beloved Nemeses

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